Hospitality on the Run

Written by Lettie J. Kirkpatrick

Most of us are busy, too busy. We want to deepen our friendships, and we recognize the value of ministering to one another with meals and unhurried conversation. But there’s neither the time nor the place to do so.

If this is your problem, consider “portable hospitality.”

1. Pack a picnic basket with matching cloth napkins and place mats. Add cookies and fruit, a refreshing drink, and pasta or salad from a local deli. Pick up a friend who needs to talk and drive to a nearby park. These simple preparations and focused attention can be a real blessing.

2. Meet during your lunch hour. Again, pack the basket and meet in a convenient place. One special day I took a friend to a quiet church prayer tower that has a small kitchen. Even an hour can energize and encourage you both.

3. Reload the basket for a precious break for preschoolers and their stay-at-home mom. Last fall I loaded the youngest of my five children into our van, picked up another friend with her two preschoolers, and headed for a local apple orchard. In this peaceful setting out came my basket, a sunflower tablecloth, and delicate disposable tableware. I’d packed simple lunches for the boys in individual bags and prepared an easy, hearty salad for us. We added apple turnovers from the orchard bakery. The meal required little preparation, and this lovely afternoon fed our spirits.

I’ve discovered that if you wait until you have time to prepare gourmet meals in a spotless, quiet home, you’ll never do it. Don’t wait until your circumstances are perfect to reach out to others.

Instead, ask God to show you ways to nurture your friendships. Perhaps sharing muffins and juice early in the morning best suits the pace of your life.

Portable hospitality might be the answer.

© Lettie J. Kirkpatrick. Reprinted with permission.

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