12 Days of a Romantic Christmas

Written by Michael Webb

mistletoeWith all the hustle and bustle of the holidays the children, friends and relatives often get all the attention and the spouses are left out in the cold. Celebrate this Christmas with 12 days of romance.

  1. On the first day of Christmas – Buy your mate one box of their favorite cereal and lace it with lots of “prizes.” Throw in some golf tees, Hershey kisses, toy cars or whatever would bring out the child in them.
  2. On the second day of Christmas – Take out your two engraved toasting glasses from the china cabinet and use them. Reminisce about the day you first sipped from them. If you never had any, engrave your own by buying some stencils and etching paste at a craft store.
  3. On the third day of Christmas – Have three meals together. You could go all out with breakfast in bed, a picnic lunch and a candlelit dinner. Better yet, spend less time preparing the meal and more time sharing it together.
  4. On the fourth day of Christmas – Put the pedal to the metal and four on the floor. Take a peaceful drive for the day. Go to the country, sight see in the city or cruise around looking at Christmas lights.
  5. On the fifth day of Christmas – Fax or deliver a photocopy of your five fingers (plus the rest of your hand) to your love at work. Tell them you can’t wait to be together to hold the real thing.
  6. On the sixth day of Christmas – Give her a half dozen of her favorite flower – one at a time. Leave one on the pillow, one on her car seat, one at her office, etc.
  7. On the seventh day of Christmas – Count your lucky stars by gazing into the  seventh heaven. If the night is overcast, arrange for glow-in-the-dark stars on the bedroom ceiling.
  8. On the eighth day of Christmas – Buy an eight- pack of crayons and together design and color a personalized coloring book of happy memories you have shared.
  9. On the ninth day of Christmas – Dress to the nines and head out to a swanky restaurant. If a full meal would be too much on the budget, simply go for cocktails or dessert.
  10. On the tenth day of Christmas – Massage your sweetheart’s aching shoulders for ten minutes. Throw in a back scratch, a foot massage and a hair brushing if you are feeling extra generous.
  11. On the eleventh day of Christmas – Bake him eleven of his favorite cookies (since most recipes make one dozen, these will be bigger than usual – he won’t complain). Stick a wooden skewer through the side of each cookie and then wrap the cookie in a colored plastic wrap. Place them in a box or vase as you would a dozen roses.
  12. On the twelfth day of Christmas – Present your sweetheart with a custom made twelve- month calendar for the new year. Use personal photographs or your own drawings to make it unique. Highlight special days for the new year.
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8 Responses to “12 Days of a Romantic Christmas”

  • Sharon says:

    good article but what happens you don’t have a car then number 4 is out. I like the suggestions though. sharon

  • Heidi says:

    I know this was posted a long time ago but I thought I would put my suggestion out there. I plan on doing the 12 days of Christmas and am keeping it more for the two of us even though we have young children. However, with young children it is hard to do something just the two of us for 12 days straight. So I’m starting early and doing the 12 days over the next four weeks before Christmas. This also means I get to surprise him with a note and our day’s activity/treat/date/etc. The kids won’t be left out, we do an activity advent calendar so they have plenty to have fun with.

  • Susan says:

    Here is a suggestion for Lisa, for a Romantic Christmas when you have jobs and children. What do you think?

    12 DAYS OF ROMANTIC CHRISTMAS for those with Jobs and Kids:
    1. Fast food date at McDonalds: While the kids do Play place remember your first dates when you were younger (and broke-r.)
    2. Plan a (short two-some) Christmas shopping trip together, and hold hands when you can.
    3. Sip Egg Nog on the couch together, watch the Yule Log Channel, plan for a less complicated Christmas together (what can we eliminate?)
    4. Plan to go to bed early. Plan to make it a No PJ’s night.
    5. Make this a NOTE–worthy day: make LOVE notes and slip it into lunch bags, car visors, under pillows, on the mirror….
    6. Divide and Conquer: He takes the boys to their game; you take the girl shopping, plan for a tea-time in bed, just before lights out, to debrief and re-coup.
    7. Arrange your schedules so you can do a lunch-time meet up. Take a moment to hold hands and look into each other’s eyes. Tell them 3 things you appreciate.
    8. Do one special surprise thing for your spouse today. Pick up a favorite Magazine, drop off a Latte at work, give a l-o-n-g massage.
    9. Have someone look after the kids for an hour or so while you plan to clean up the house, prep for a special meal, or fold laundry together. Doing a needed house project together, while not romantic in itself, communicates an appreciation for the load the spouse is carrying, and helps provide the time/energy for bedding down earlier together.
    10. The Marathon shop: You try to get as much done, as fast as you can, as well as you can – and celebrate together before you slip home, with a coffee date.
    11. Do something active together as a family. Watching your spouse interact kindly and helpfully with the children is not overly ‘romantic’ but it sure helps to remind you why you picked this person for a life partner. Take some time after the kids are in bed to appreciate the ‘parents’.
    12. Get a pre-Christmas present treat for your love. Not a big something, but a small ‘saw this/thought of you’ gift to share: a can of cashews, some gloves, a car scraper, or kitchen widget. This I-appreciate-you gift shows you notice what the other is needing or wanting, and you are making a point to provide.

  • Susan says:

    Some of the ideas would not work at all for us either (married 26 years – kids still around) But I think lists like this are to be used as springboards for our creativity. THIS IDEA wouldn’t work, but that MIGHT. The idea of THREE meals together might not work – but maybe we could do two? We (personally) wouldn’t be into the crayon sketching, but we might be able to each retrive an object or two, from days gone by to share with each other. Especially if we were to thing ahead and set aside the 12 days to PLAN to do something special for us. I think that is the point. Planning, and then DOING something special to connect with the one who is Special-est to us!

  • Jamie Jamie says:

    That is a good idea Ellen. Are there other ideas of ways to make the 12 days of Christmas memorable and significant for husbands and wives when they have small children?

  • Marieke says:

    Excuse me ladies I d’n’t agree with you, the suggestions you do are understandable but..
    Make some time for you and your spous together and decide he’s still number one for you. Pretending if your newlywed will renew your marriage! I experience this day after day and thank God for that!
    For myself, I’m married for 15 years now and through the years often we forgot to give attention and love to eachother, all because our very busy lifes: children, work, churchactivities, family etc.
    for half a year now we renewed our comitment to eachother and try (still trying) to give eachother what we need: lovethings as attention a good chat, a touch or big hug, little presents, a walk out or only ten minutes silent qualitytime on the sofa.
    And you kwow: it really works out : We love eachother more then ever and its still growing!
    Don’t hide behind being a great worker/mom/christian/housekeeper.
    God gave you and your spous to eachother to invest in yourselves, I mean often only your husband knows (except for God, or your parents) all off you and.. still wants to commit to you love you and go on with you! Take care of this gift of love and be creative in realizing romantic moments! At first it seems maybe unnaturally for you, but after a while you’d be amazed.. it has also an effect on your children and your activities, cause it ‘ll bring you joy and energy..

    greetings and blessings and good luck!

    From the Netherlands : Marieke
    ps. I hope my English is not too bad… i am not a native speaker ;)

  • Ellen says:

    I agree with Lisa…some of the ideas could be replaced with having your spouse help you and the kids with baking cookies…how about delivering the cookies together to an old folks home or convelescent center?? They would love it. Our Cub Scouts go every year to an elderly home and sing for them and chit chat with the residents and they simply love it!!!….I think it’s the just being together, doing things together, that counts and we’ve been married almost 38 years!!!

  • Lisa says:

    Some of these ideas are kind of sweet, but just about all are impractical for those of us with jobs and children. IF we could spend all this romantic alone time with our spouse on a regular basis we wouldn’t need a reminder about making the holidays romantic. I don’t mean to be a downer, but we need practical advice for parents with hectic lives not those newlyweds or empty nesters!

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