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Thanks for stopping by. We’re excited that you not only stopped by to read, but we are hoping that you will also stick around and have a conversation with us!

Now, we realize that for some of you this is new. For some it’s just a new concept to interact on a website. For others it’s new because the way this site looks and works is a bit different than what you’ve expected.

Let us try and help.

First, this site is a blog. This means there are a couple of distinct differences in how this website works compared to a “traditional” website.

  1. A blog is made of up posts. A post is like an article one of the authors have written.
  2. Each post is the beginning of a conversation because you can comment on any post! We just ask for a valid email address though the address won’t appear on the site.
  3. All of the conversations (articles with or without comments) are archived and sorted by date or topic. And there’s a search box to help you locate conversations by keyword.

Here are a few tips to help you in staying involved with the conversations on this blog.

  1. Check this blog to see when a new conversation has started. To do this, you can add this site to your list of favorites or subscribe to the RSS feed.
  2. A new feature we’ve just added is if you leave a comment on a post, you can be notified if anyone else leaves a comment on that post only by checking a box near the “Submit” button.

We hope this help you. We really look forward to interacting with you here.

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