Advent Journeys

This Christmas season, consider several journeys which are related to the advent or coming of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. The people surrounding the birth of Jesus over 2000 years ago were real people. They had families, hopes and dreams, and they faced unexpected surprises along the way. Some of those twists in their journeys may have caused excitement, confusion or disappointment, yet they have lessons to share. As we ponder the events together, we’ll find encouragement for our own life journeys.

1. Emmanuel: God with Us
2. Mary and Joseph: The Journey to Bethlehem
3. The Shepherds: Come and See, Go and Tell (Luke 2:8-20)
4. The Wise Men: In Search of the King (Part 1)
5. The Wise Men: In Search of the King (Part 2)
6. Jesus, Mary and Joseph: Flight to Egypt