I want to believe in God but I don’t know how.

Sometimes the idea of God makes a lot of sense but all of the ramifications of believing in God are hard to swallow. If you find yourself wishing you could believe, you’re not alone. Consider praying a prayer like this:

God, I don’t know if you’re out there. I’m not sure how I feel about you if you are. But if you do exist I’d like to know more about you. Reveal yourself to me. Help me to find you.

It says very clearly in the Bible that those who seek God will find him. Ask God to reveal himself to you. Be honest about your reservations. God is not offended by questions or doubts.

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  • Renee' says:

    Thank you Tom.
    Please keep praying for me. I have difficult strongholds that I can’t get through on my own.
    Even if I don’t post here for a few days, please keep praying for me.
    Thanks everyone.

  • Tom Tom says:


    “Father God, I pray that you’ll do whatever is necessary to open Renee’s heart to receive the reality of salvation through Jesus Christ. I ask that you continuously remind Renee of the simplicity of salvation and that it only takes a small step of faith toward your marvelous light and that you’ll do the rest. Lord break down any barriers and spiritual obstacles that keep Renee from simple belief–belief in your word that says, ‘Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.’ May you give Renee peace and rest and victory over Satan’s attempts to confuse and deceive. Thank you in Jesus’ precious name, amen.”

  • Renee' says:

    Hi Tom,
    I think we chatted here before. Here’s my story again:
    I grew up in the Baptist church so I have lots of head knowledge of God and the Bible, but no faith. Maybe hearing about Jesus so much made me numb? I’m not an atheist and not looking for scientific proof. Been struggling for 21 yrs. At 17 I had a crisis of faith trying to believe and be saved, but never found peace. Please pray that God reveals to me whatever I’m doing that’s blocking salvation and helps me to stop. I’m trying to believe, but I can’t believe, repent, trust, & surrender on my own. I need God’s help every step of the way. I am defective in the mind/heart/spiritual areas. I honestly do not believe or think I have control over what I believe. This sounds strange, but I can’t control my mind much at all.
    You won’t agree, but I am 100% unable to believe, repent, trust/accept, & surrender to Jesus Christ of my own volition. I need Jesus to help me believe, repent, trust/accept, & surrender to Him. People say it’s a gift. You have to reach out and accept it. My arms are paralyzed. I need Jesus to lift up my arms so I can accept it.
    Please pray for me.
    Thank you.

  • Tom Tom says:

    Hi Renee–

    Sounds like you’re really have a hard time with spiritual things. Would you like to talk about anything in particular? What’s your spiritual background? Denomination? Have you ever trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation?

    If you’d prefer to speak privately with a mentor, just click on the Talk to a Mentor button on the top right of this page.

  • Renee says:

    Please continue to pray for me, if you were already. I’m still struggling to believe in Jesus, repent, trust / accept, and surrender to Him. I can’t do any of it of my own volition. I need His help for everything. I’m paralyzed in this area.

  • Tom Tom says:

    I’m sorry to hear that you’re struggling with your faith in God and in the Bible, and I’m wondering what brought you to doubt? Maybe you could share what happened.

    Asking that someone show you (in other words, prove to you) what God says about himself and heaven without referring to the Bible is like asking someone to prove what George Washington said and did without referring to a history book or his own journals. Since the Bible is God’s revealed Word to mankind, that’s the obvious place to go. Obviously, your struggle is in believing the Bible, so let’s start there.

    Here are a couple of web sites that discuss at some length (although not exhaustively by any means) the make-up and source of the scriptures. https://bible.org/article/we-can-trust-bible and http://www.alwaysbeready.com/bible-evidence

    Keep in mind that the Bible is NOT one book but is 66 books about the same subject. When you go to the library to do research, you don’t use just one book, but many books to substantiate the facts. You should be looking at the 66 books of the Bible in the same way. Does each book verify the facts of the others? Are there contradictions? If not, then the accuracy of each account can be taken with a great deal of trust.

    Please check out the two articles and then come back here with your comments. Looking forward to hearing from you further DJ.

  • DJ says:

    I have lost faith many times over my life. I have completely stopped going to church and accepting the “truth” that God is real. Lately, my lack of faith has brought troubles into my relationships. If someone could give me this one answer, I think I might be able to rejoin: what does God say about himself and what heaven is? If you can give me this answer without referencing the bible, while keeping credibility, I would regain my faith in an instant. The hurdle of not trusting the bible because it is man’s word and not God’s is my biggest problem. I desperately want faith but I have nowhere to turn for the answers I need

  • Tom Tom says:


    I’m so sorry to hear of your spiritual struggle, and I know you are not alone. I’ve read several articles that discuss how difficult it is for someone who has discovered the truth, or you might say the deceit, of the JW’s or Mormonism to believe they can really trust anyone regarding God, Jesus, and the Bible again. I think it’s encouraging, though, that you are still seeking the truth. You should see that as an indication that God is working in your life and wants you to come to know him, both in truth and in spirit.

    Not coincidentally, today I heard Christian apologist Greg Koukl discussing the difference between having faith in something and trusting in something. The word “faith” connotes having to believe something without really having good evidence for it, while the word “trust” suggests a person goes beyond faith and actually will trust whatever or whoever is being considered. Consider it like an airplane trip. You may have faith that the plane will safely get you to your destination, but that’s different than trusting the plane and pilot by actually boarding the flight.

    When it comes to the Bible, the Creator God of the Bible, and Jesus Christ, each of these things/people have much evidence going for them as real entities in which one can place their full trust. In other words, biblical Christianity does not require blind faith in order to believe. Each item can be tested for validity.

    I and others on this blog would be happy to answer any questions you have and to offer you help in moving beyond the falsehoods and toward the real truths on which you can stand assured, confident, and in relationship with God and the Lord Jesus Christ. While the discussion could be most beneficial to many who may read this blog, if you would feel more comfortable speaking one-on-one to a mentor, just click on the mentor button at the top right of this page.

    “Father God, my heart goes out to Vincent and to all those who have been lead away from your absolute truths and into confusion, doubt, and despair. I pray that you will gently guide Vincent to a firm trust in yourself, Jesus Christ your Son, and the wonderful completeness and direction of your revealed word, the Bible. Thank you so much Father for being patient with Vincent all these years. I pray you will bring many others out of man-made religions and into the bright light of your beauty, love, mercy, and grace. May you open Vincent’s heart and mind to receive what you desire him to know, and may he become a powerful witness for you in the years to come. Thank you in the name of the Lord Jesus, amen.”

  • Elkay says:

    Vincent, Jesus was once speaking to a somewhat confused crowd, some saying He was good, others that He was deceptive and so He gave then a simple challenge that you might find helpful. He simply said, “My teaching is not really Mine but comes from the one who sent Me. If anyone wants to do God’s will, he will know whether My teaching is from God or whether I merely speak on My own authority.” (Jn 7:16-17) In other words, if you will determine to do God’s will, you will soon discover that what Jesus was teaching about God being Who He says He is, is truth and that Jesus is also truthful about who He is. Stay focussed on the book of John and see how this comes true.

  • Vincent Gomez says:

    I had been a Jehovah’s Witness for 44 years. A couple of years ago I discovered the real truth of the Watchtower. For two years I continued to study the Bible and look for answers. But after a while I became tired and frustrated. I attended a small Bible group study. The more I went and the more I did Bible research the more depressed I became. Everything that I did reminded me of why I was doing it. I was doing it because I just left the Watchtower. Recently I have allowed myself to let go of everything including the Bible and Christianity. I have decided that I need this time to heal. I need this time to discover who I am. But even though it has only been a short time since I made this decision I still have this feeling that I could be all wrong about God and the Bible. I basically have thrown the Bible away. But when I think of the Bible I remember the comfort that it gives. But the comfort it gives is where I have a problem right now. Is that comfort real or is that comfort like believing in a fantasy? I know that the cult has messed up my mind and I want to make a decision and do what’s best if there is a God. As I began to question the Bible, what really concerned me was the issue of faith. What is the bases of my faith? Hebrews gives us a long list of Bible characters who had strong faith in God. But they had so much evidence for God. They did not just have creation but they actually seen miracles of God. God did things for them personally. He proved himself. It was evidence and so they had reason to have solid Faith. But today it seems that our faith is based on other things not miracles but just the idea that God has a written book. I want to trust the Bible but it is very difficult right now just to surrender my soul to the Bible again and trust that it is God’s word. But deep down I believe that I could be missing out on something. Is it because I simply need comfort in a world that’s void and meaningless or is the comfort that the Bible provides real? I know I have repeated myself but I hope some of you might understand what I’m going through right now. Christianity is a very difficult decision in my life right now. I would have died and even of been tortured for the Watchtower. But now I wonder, could I really face an excruciating death at the hands of ISIS? That is a question that I’ve pondered. In order to do that, one must have absolute faith that what he believes is real and true and this is what is very difficult at this moment.

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