A Meaningful Life

Written by Serena Wang

Written by Serena Wang, Translated by Henry Tung

The True Meaning of Victory

The New Year is right around the corner.  Will we go through another year with the same old routines?  Everyday we send the kids to school, go to work, pick up the kids, go grocery shopping, cook, eat, and sleep.  Just like that, the days and the years go by.  Are these all life has to offer?  What is our life all about?

Many people search for true meaning and purpose in life, but few can find the answers.  Some people feel that being victorious or successful is the same as realizing their life’s purpose.  They spend their entire life trying to reach to the top.  However, when they reach their career and financial goals, they will realize that there are plenty of people ahead of them in the game.  It is a never-ending race in which ultimately no one will come out as a winner.

The mysteries behind life and death

Since the very beginning of our civilization philosophers around the globe have discussed the purpose and meaning of life.  They have asked, as we do, “Why are we here?”  The famous Chinese philosopher Confucius put it this way: “Since we don’t know where we’re coming from, we certainly wouldn’t know where we are going.”  We don’t have the answer but God has already provided it for us.

Scientists found little evidence to support Darwin’s theory of evolution.  But we can change our perspective on life and death through our understanding of God.  Life is God’s creation.  We are different from other creatures because we are created in God’s own image, and God has a plan for each of us…that includes you. Our lives have holy significance and values behind them. To us humans, life and death are something we struggle to understand.  But death doesn’t mean the end of the world.  God’s greatness is beyond our comprehension.  He wanted his people to establish a lasting friendship with him for eternity.

What is our life’s purpose?

During a recent international conference, the leaders made this announcement: “The most important jobs in the world are raising children, education and healthcare.”  In the book “The Path” by Laurie Beth Jones, it is affirmed that if you are currently raising children, educating others, or providing medical care to people, then you can view your job as the most important job in the world.  By understanding and realizing the true purpose of your life, you’ll have more energy and hope to face your future.

Not all of us like to be involved in just the three jobs listed above.  Therefore, how do we find the path to accomplish this ultimate goal of a fulfilling life?  Dr. Hugh Moorhead, a Philosophy professor at Northeastern University, had the same question.  He wrote a letter to 250 famous philosophers, scientists, writers and scholars to ask them a simple question:  “What’s life’s purpose?”  Some replied with just their guesses, some said that they don’t have a clue, while others threw the same question back at Dr. Moorhead.

What is your life’s goal?

Life is filled with problems and misery.  From the cradle to the grave we have to face problems in school, work, career, livelihood and relationships.  Some of these problems may force our backs against the wall.  If our life is packed with frustrations, with each passing day one step closer to our grave, then there is absolutely no reason for us to continue to suffer living in this miserable world.

Russian Novelist Andrei Bitov, who grew up in the communist world, has been searching for answers.  Riding in the subway in St. Petersburg one day  he was suddenly struck with a depressed feeling that wiped out everything…life has no meaning for him.  Then out of the blue something popped up in his mind.  If there is no God, life has absolutely no purpose.  At that very moment, he found the answer that has eluded him for 27 years.

Similarly, if we want to find our purpose in life, we have to first turn ourselves to God because God is the Creator.  He created each of us with a unique plan and purpose.  The graceful God didn’t create you by accident.  He loves you and wants to be with you for eternity.  Dear friends, maybe you are losing control in your life, feeling helpless, hopeless, or insecure. You can have that peace directly coming from God, by you appreciating and realizing what God has planned for you.  Every single one of us can build that intimate relationship with God.  Through the salvation made possible by Jesus Christ, you can experience God’s wonderful grace that will care for and guide you for a lifetime.

The God of Peace is only one prayer away. If you want the confident expectation of His strength and wisdom in your today and His help and hope for your tomorrow, you need only ask. Just tell Him…

Dear God,
I have gone my own way in life and have put my hope in so many things that have disappointed me. Forgive me and come into my life today. Show me how to live in the confident expectation of how You can impact my life, my character and my circumstances. I place my hope in You right now and ask You to make Yourself known to me in my life right where I walk. I thank you. Amen.

“May the God of Peace fill you with all joy and peace, as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” The Bible: Romans 15:13

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  • Sharon says:

    good article thank you for your posting– to sanjay more– what is life’s purpose try the videos of alpha its good to get life questions answers for the list I don’t know– sharon

  • Sanjay More says:

    Referring to “Dr. Hugh Moorhead, a Philosophy professor at Northeastern University, had the same question. He wrote a letter to 250 famous philosophers, scientists, writers and scholars to ask them a simple question: “What’s life’s purpose?” ”

    Where can I find the list of those 250 Philosophers and their replies ?

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