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This video recites Isaiah 52:12-53:14, verses from the Hebrew Bible which have a critical significance. Written hundreds of years before Jesus’ birth, they foretell his coming in stunning detail.

Louis Lapides is Jewish, and was raised according Jewish traditions, educated in the Jewish faith. But after a wild variety of life experiences, he had all but abandoned the faith of his childhood. Then one day, he was intrigued when he was told that he didn’t need to read the New Testament to find Jesus. Jesus could, he was told, be found within the pages of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament).

This was news to Lapides! So he started to read, and began discovering prophecies he had never noticed before. He was stopped cold when he read Isaiah (as in the video above). He was shocked by the description of Jesus written hundreds of years before Jesus lived:

“So breathtaking was this discovery that Lapides could only come to one conclusion: it was a fraud! He believed that Christians had rewritten the Old Testament and twisted Isaiah’s words to make it sound as if the prophet was foreshadowing Jesus. Lapides set out to expose the deception. “I asked my stepmother to send me a Jewish Bible so I could check it out for myself,” he said. “She did, and guess what? I found that it said the same thing! Now I really had to deal with it.” (Lapides’ story is told in Lee Strobel’s book The Case for Christ: A Journalist’s Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus)

Louis Lapides eventually became a Christian (or Messianic Jew) after all of his reading and research into the history of Jesus. Read more for yourself about how Jesus confirmed prophecy in the article What are the odds?

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  • Dianna Pierce says:

    I posted the Isaiah 52:12 – 53:14 video on my face book page. It was so good. I’m going to use that scripture for my Prayer Vigil in my Christian Women’s Prayer group Firday! Thank U

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