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290x220startfaithJesus said that he came to make all things new. His death on the cross can have a profound impact on your life. You have to ask yourself: Is this the life for me?

When asked to describe yourself do you reach for your job title? Do you define yourself by your relationships — spouse, parent, lover, friend? Do you think of your successes, your failures, your dreams, your past? All of these are parts of who you are, but you are more than what you do, more than what you own, or where you live.

You are intelligent. You are beautiful. You are loved. You are not alone.
You are loved by God.

What would your life look like if you could start over with a clean slate? God wants to be part of your life. Are you ready to start your own adventure of faith?

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Questions about faith:

Who is Jesus?
Does God care about me?
I have questions about God
I have questions about life

How can I find peace?
How do I know if I’m a Christian?
How can I grow in my faith?
Who is the man in the white shirt?

Discover your own journey of faith:

Discover life
The void
Picture perfect
The end of our exile
There must be more
I want to know Jesus personally
Does truth really exist?
I want to discover real purpose in life
I want to experience true love
How can I live my life to the fullest?
My world is a mess. What do I do?
What does your soul crave?
Can I do more than just cope through life?

Start a faith adventure of your own
Millions of people the world over have made the decision to invite God into their daily lives. Here are some of their stories.

I Do, Again – Have you ever wondered if your marriage was beyond saving? The Scruggs did until God intervened.

Ed’s Story: Redefining SuccessI thought I was successful. I thought I could accomplish anything if I just tried hard enough. But when my son fell ill and died, I felt helpless.

Kim’s Story: Are Truth and Love in the Stars?As long as I can remember, I’ve been looking for truth and love. I started investigating the idea that something “higher” existed in the spiritual world.

Hugh’s Story: My Search for TruthI reasoned that man-made religions would reflect human error. As a scientitst, I used the facts of history and science to test each of the “holy” books.

Joe’s Story: Strange Road to Success – I started to see that there was another game plan besides the world’s. One that was not based on money, position or winning football games.

Christie’s Story: Unthinkable LossAll the hopes and dreams that I had for myself and my baby were gone in that instant. I have no words to describe the pain, the utter despair I felt.

Sara’s Story: Beginning AgainHave you ever wanted to start life over again? I did. There were events in my life that left me with a longing to have a ‘new beginning’.

21 Responses to “Start a Faith Adventure”

  • M J says:

    hi there,pls keep (un-)shared with faith in prayer!gbu2,bb

  • Tom Tom says:

    Terrina Lake–

    Thank you for writing and stating your desire to live a more godly life for yourself and your children. Nothing could be more important.

    You are right that there is “something wrong” with the Latter Day Saints. They believe in a false Jesus Christ and a false God. Be cautious not to have anything to do with them.

    Please read my previous response to Dillan in the post below. I believe it will answer some of your questions. After carefully considering what is written there, please feel free to write back here and ask any questions you may have.

  • Terrina Lake says:

    Hi my name is terrina lake i just wanna know how do i become closer to god on a step by step basis and to live a positive life for me and my children i tried going to the latter day saints church but something dont feel right about them there nice people and got me a lil bit focus but i dont know if its right

  • Dillan says:

    You’re a sweetheart, Tom! You’ve given me a lot to mull over, thanks~

  • Tom Tom says:

    Thanks for your elaboration. I think I understand your position much better now.

    From your comments, it seems you’re denoting being a Christian with following a certain list of dos and don’ts, and adjusting your life in order to follow the tenants of Christianity. But actually, that has it exactly backwards.

    You see, absolutely no one can “be” a Christian by their own best efforts. No one “knows” how to be a Christian as far as day-to-day living is concerned. Living the Christian life apart from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is impossible. That might surprise you.

    Becoming a Christian is the result of a supernatural act of the Holy Spirit of God upon a person who has turned from their unbelief in Jesus to complete belief and trust. Nowhere in the Bible will you find it necessary to “ask Jesus into your heart.” That does not equate to salvation.

    Jesus told Nicodemus in John chapter 3 that one must be born again spiritually to be saved from God’s wrath and to be made righteous in his sight. Because of a person’s sins, they are spiritually dead and separated from God. The spirit God gave you needs to be born afresh by the Holy Spirit. When a person is born again spiritually, they become a child of God (John 1:12), and the Holy Spirit comes to indwell the believer, offering his power to teach them what is pleasing to God and how to live their life accordingly. It is the Holy Spirit who changes a person from the inside out so that by him they can, in fact, live a Christ-like life.

    So how does one “become a Christian?” It is simply by believing in Jesus—who he is and what he’s done—and placing your entire trust (faith) in him. What does that look like? To analogize, suppose you believed that if you jumped out of a plane at 5,000 feet that the parachute under your seat would save you. But when the time came to jump, you only jumped “believing” the parachute would save—without actually having put it on! That kind of belief (we might call it head knowledge) won’t help you. No, you must actually believe enough to put the parachute on and then trust it completely to save you. If you’ll believe that Jesus died for your sins, was dead and buried for three days, and then came back to life and lives still, (1 Corinthians 15:3-4) you will be saved. In John 3:36 Jesus said, “He who believes in the Son has eternal life; but he who does not believe the Son will not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him.”

    Salvation is by God’s grace ALONE, with nothing added or required of you to “do.” Romans 5:8-9 says, “But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Much more then, having now been justified by His blood, we shall be saved from the wrath of God through Him.” Ephesians 2:8-9 tells us, “For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, so that no one may boast.” And again in Titus 3:5-7—“He saved us, not on the basis of deeds which we have done in righteousness, but according to His mercy, by the washing of regeneration and renewing by the Holy Spirit, whom He poured out upon us richly through Jesus Christ our Savior, so that being justified by His grace we would be made heirs according to the hope of eternal life.”

    So Dillan, it’s not about changing your attitude or living by a certain set of standards that you can be saved from your sins and become a Christian. It’s about your desire to accept what Jesus Christ has already done for you and simply believing and trusting in him alone. When I did that, there were no bells or whistles or tears or emotions. But on the way home from church that morning someone cut me off in traffic and I swore at them. Immediately it was like a voice in my head and a slap on my face that told me, “Tom, you don’t do those things anymore. You’re a new creation in Christ.” The next day as I picked up my Playboy magazine, I took one look at the centerfold and had that same small “voice” tell me, “That’s not God-honoring.” I threw away the magazine and had no desire to pick up another. You see, it wasn’t ME trying to change, it was the Lord changing me—changing my heart–from the inside.

    If you’ll go to the Lord humbly and openly, telling him you believe in Jesus Christ and that you desire to trust him from now on, he will save you. He will change you. “Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.” (2 Cor. 5:17).

    But one caution—There are two main reasons people do not put their trust in Jesus Christ:
    1—Unbelief. They simply don’t believe that Jesus is the only way to be right with God. If that’s the case, investigating why Jesus is the only way should take priority. Faith in Christ is not a blind faith, but one based on realities.
    2—Sin. Many people simply aren’t willing to “give up” their sinful life. They love it so much they don’t want anything or anyone getting in the way. Now I’m not saying a person must give up their sin or change their life because that’s not possible in and of themselves. But they must be WILLING to trust in Christ regardless of how that might affect their life.

    While this only touches the surface, I hope it brings some clarity to what it means to be a Christian.

  • Dillan says:

    Since it would seem you’ve had at least a passing interest and/or investigation of various religions, have you noticed that they all contradict each other regarding how to achieve heaven, nirvana, or a higher self? That being the case, then wouldn’t you agree that either they are all wrong or that only one of them can be right?

    What is it about biblical Christianity that you find untenable?

    Just like opinions I think everyone has their right to believe whatever they want, whether it seems crazy, unlikely or straight up wrong. Paradoxes and contradictions are the spice of life. I can agree with you to some aspect but I have no way of knowing which one is right or even if any of the them are or if any of them are wrong. I like to believe everyone wins in the end, so I suppose in my reality they’re all right.

    As for why it seems untenable is because I don’t know how to “be a christian.” I’m told “accept God in your heart” and such but then I ask “Then what?” I’m a very reserved person when it comes to what I believe. I’ve welcomed God into my heart and ask him to show himself to me nightly. The significant other wants our kids to have a strong religious foundation and I’m all for that, my kids would be like me otherwise but I lose nothing by supporting her ideals for our future family. I suppose I’m stuck wondering what else I could do to make me a Christian. I’ve read the bible over the years, I’ve read many religious texts and I’ve attended various churches through my lifetime and it’s frustrating how it feels like I can’t be me and a Christian at the same time.

    An there’s little things like a good Christian fears God and Hell and sin and I can’t just flip a switch telling myself those things are scary now or that I need God’s guidance. I just want to live my life and be happy, constantly wondering “is this the Christian thing to do” would get frustrating.

  • Tom Tom says:

    Since it would seem you’ve had at least a passing interest and/or investigation of various religions, have you noticed that they all contradict each other regarding how to achieve heaven, nirvana, or a higher self? That being the case, then wouldn’t you agree that either they are all wrong or that only one of them can be right?

    What is it about biblical Christianity that you find untenable?

  • Dillan says:

    Anything contributed by man I pin the responsibility of man: conquest, politics, churches, money, love, art, etc. People may say their actions are driven by a superior power but I believe in a system where thoughts, actions and feelings do not have to be the same. If God were to speak to me, I could think long and hard about what they said before even considering sharing it with anyone. They could tell me to build the next Arc, I may think I’m going crazy, but the feelings would most likely be there and I’d probably build the thing but not under the name of God. I’d do it under a ruse and let whatever happens happen.

    ISIS may have a religious foundation but man ultimately chose how they used it and there are social repercussions for it i.e. war. An I can’t even deny whether how they live out their faith is correct or not because most likely it is righteous in their eyes.

    “Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.” ? Charles Addams.

    It’s kind of pointless to argue with them about it, they will live out their faith how they like and all you can do is be responsible for is how you live out your own. God attempted to guide his followers by influencing the Bible but even that is constantly under debate what it all means.

    As for where everything came from: Randomness. It’s clean, easy and simple in my head and I like that. Things just happened and there’s really nothing more to say about it. But people don’t like random, it’s chaos, it’s scary; it means there’s no linear path. So I can understand conjuring up a God to provide that guidance and form a religion around it. I for one would rather keep God and religion separated in my life. I don’t want to attend a church and be told to behave or label myself as a follower, I just want a spiritual relationship with God away from all the man-made constructs.

    An it’s funny how what I believe makes our love a lie if I just shrug and go with it. It would cause her pain and sorrow, I would be completely fine but that’s in my world of indifference. I can’t have her in pain and sorrow.

    It can be so frustrating basing a relationship on faith for me since faith literally has been not within the top 1000 things I care about for myself. It’s something out of my control and yet not random, it’s just something that’s there and I have to abide by it because I’m with her. She could believe in whatever she wants and I’d support her, unless it was something extreme such as ISIS, then I’d probably have to think about it long and hard (Love makes us so dumb (Joking of course)).

  • Jamie Jamie says:

    That is great to have an optimistic point of view Dillan, and I appreciate your desire to allow people to have the freedom to believe what they want and not forcing everyone to believe what you do. I agree that there is real beauty when people are able to work together in harmony despite the differences that exist between them. I guess where that breaks down is when people believe some harsh things about God and act on that. I know there is a lot of political parts to the ISIS movement, but it is all built on a foundation of religion. Allowing them to be free to believe what they want is to allow them to bring about the kingdom of God through conquest. There is nothing beautiful about how they are living out their faith right now. How do things like that fit into your understanding of God?

    Your idea that Gods are created by human imagination and are subject to human ideas is intriguing. I guess that begs the question where everything came from? Is there a Creator that initiated things or did we self-create?

    I also agree that ‘faking’ to follow Jesus in order to win the heart of your girlfriend is not going to be good for you, or for your relationship. A love built on a lie is destined for pain and sorrow.

  • Dillan says:

    We’re polar opposites so we do complete each other ^^ and I never really had much concern for what other people thought. I know everyone’s entitled to an opinion and there really is no reason to ever argue with an opinion but my stance on arguing is also a whole other topic.

    When I said “another entity” I meant as in another God among Gods. There is so much power in life and randomness, for all I know God could be a Hivemind of collected souls from people that passed away or maybe gods simply pop into existence as they’re thought up. I prefer lore that doesn’t challenge or say others are wrong when there is no proof. Everyone of every religion is right in my eyes, anyone can believe anything and that’s a beautiful thing~

    If God could be subject to anything, in my mind it would be his own followers. If the majority decide God is a tree, God is now a tree and he has no real say in it.

    I can accept that according to the Bible, those verses you shared are accurate and that is as much as I can allow myself to say because anything otherwise is against what you believe and I have zero power to challenge that nor do I want to.

    I grew up with no outstanding stance on religion, I started delving into what I thought about faith sometime after college once it kept becoming an issue in my relationship.

    I misspoke, I should say I’m balanced. There is no ultimate good or bad, just an ever alternating teetering of the two for me. Actually, I’ve been trying to remain more good than bad since my teenage years where I felt like I was the worst person possible without venturing into hardcore crimes. I act selfishly all the time because it’s my life, I’m the one going to die when I die so I take care of me before anyone else. Albeit that goes out the window when someone else is in need and I can supply help. I have always been able to bite my tongue thankfully, no unkind words like to leave my lips, I know how much words can hurt, I adore languages and understanding one another so I try to keep it a positive thing. But all this is building towards is that I am responsible for myself as I hold others responsible for themselves but I also understand many don’t see it that way. So I try to to help people that want to improve as a person do so. Then I’m also an opportunist, so if I see a way to improve my life with little risk, I will jump on it. My moral code can be askew, but I’m going to die anyways so it won’t really matter to anyone else.

    But jumping back to converting, I don’t want to have to tell people that God is the only god or even believe that. I remember when it first became an issue and I asked “if I convert, do I have to tell people if they ask that I’m Christian?” I already don’t tell people what I believe because I practice in private and I’m really vague when people do ask.

    I really don’t see why it matters aside from the book says someone saved can’t lie with someone that isn’t. I’m convinced that if I don’t end up in Heaven, my future wife would still have me with her in one way or another or she’ll be with her true soulmate, it’s a win/win for her regardless of what I do. She tells me I think too much into it and I do. I want to convert but I don’t want limits on what I can and can’t do, I want to be a good person by my own standards and follow a creed that suits my lifestyle. Constantly I see her struggle with her faith, I see her in tears, I listen to what she has to say and I reassure as much as I can, using verses and the like but I don’t want that pressure on myself. I live a very stress-free life at work and home, I explore everything I can to expand my knowledge and hang out with a variety of people that others may see as shady or criminal. While God may judge people by their deeds, I form an opinion on others by their character.

    I just feel like I’m tearing myself apart literally to try and shove these ideas in and my body is rejecting them but I shove them back in. I’ve always been a good liar, especially to myself but this has taken every ounce of energy I can muster. Fun Fact, my favorite teacher in high school, when I tried to convert for the first time, I went to confide in her because I know she’s religious. I explained what I just wrote you and she told me: Don’t do this to yourself, you would be lying to yourself, her and God. Then I asked the preacher from a Church I used to attend about it and he essentially told me: God loves you for trying, keep reaching out and he’ll welcome you into his kingdom. But I don’t want to feel like this anymore, I’m crying over this empty feeling inside me constantly, I’m indifferent to my physical needs and neglecting them, I’m terrified I won’t find God and I’ll have to break up with my Love so she can be with someone yolked.

    Our 6 month break basically was her not being able to break up with me so I broke up with her so she could be with someone on the righteous path. She tried and came to me saying she didn’t care, that no one could be better than me and we got back together. But it’s been about 2 years since than and it’s hovering over her again.

    I write too much, meow~
    Thanks for responding <3

  • Jamie Jamie says:

    Dillan I am so glad you have found a woman who is so valuable that you are willing to go through this difficult re-valuation process. She must be a real treasure.

    Thanks for taking the time to share your view points. It can be a risk putting stuff like that ‘out there’ because you never know how people are going to respond. So I appreciate your willingness to share that with me.

    I would like to clarify a few points you have made: when you say that God is just another entity in the world who helps those who need it, are you suggesting that God is a created being like us? Is there someone or something to which He is subject? My understanding of God is that He is the ultimate authority and the source of all things. That is something that the Bible reminds us of often, “For I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is no one like Me, declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times things which have not been done, saying, ‘My purpose will be established, And I will accomplish all My good pleasure'” (Isaiah 46:9-10) I can see how thinking God is just another created being like us, subject to another Sovereign or another Force would result in a different perspective on how to relate to Him.

    You also mentioned that you are good by nature. What do you mean by that? Have you not acted selfishly, or hurtfully towards anyone? Have you never misrepresented the truth? Have you never taken something that did not belong to you? If it wasn’t your nature that caused you to act in those ways, who/what do you blame?

  • Dillan says:


    I apprecaite the gesture, but fortunately the great thing about beliefs is that they can change and be improved but the wall I keep slamming my face into is that A = B = C with faiths. I’ve never challenged what anyone believes, if it gives them power, good on them. But it seems just like how soda and pop mean the same thing, people will still fight about which is right so A =/= B =/= C = (A = B = C), isn’t algebra fun?

    Sorry, I’ve been in a terrible place since I’ve been trying to convert, ripping myself apart in the hopes I can put it together into something new. She is worth it, I’ve never met such a literal angel and I would never be able to move on without her. I went full celibate when we had a 6 month break up due to religious differences, anything beyond friendship with anyone else just made me feel sick. Worse than I feel now.

    My conclusions about God is that they’re there for those that need the power provided, like a service, like an internet provider. I know Cox exists, I don’t mind their existence, some people like them and some people don’t. God is just another entity is the world helping those that need it. An I actually had this incredibly vivid dream about going to Heaven, it was wonderful, I met God and talked like old friends while everyone I love enjoyed themselves around me. I’ll sum up how we met and it really gives an idea of how I see God.

    Me: Oh, I haven’t met you before, hi!

    God: I’m God, pleased to meet you!

    Me: Oh. . . Sorry, I’m not quite a fan.

    ~We shake hands and he laughs~

    God: That’s perfectly fine, I’m a fan of yours, you do great things!

    We were created in his image so I imagine he’s quite human in our eyes when/if we meet him, just like some people see him as an almighty power that our minds cannot comprehend. I see him as just another man that wants to do good. I believe Gods of all diversities are restrained only by their own will, such as Zues always coming down to mingle with the humans, God can reach out if the will was there. That can conflict with the freedom we got from Adam and Eve but I also see humans very complex biological machines and there are computer programs that simulate specific perimeters and even though we can tell it do one thing, it can still compile completely unpredictable results. I hope that makes sense, I’m watching a preacher with my girlfriend as I write this. I do enjoy what they have to say. . . until they say “do it for God!” I’m good by nature so this irks me, I want to be a good person for my own well being. Just a small nitpick on my part though.

    I don’t think we NEED a form of greater power to look up to but it certainly is a good idea for those seeking guidance. Life is scary as all hell (hahaha joke) but I enjoy the bad as much as the good, I love being alive and enjoying every breath. No one ever told me I need God or religion, I just built a moral code and a cute idea of the afterlife just to have something to talk about when someone asks.

    I’m not sure how I base my conclusions, my entire life has literally been guided by “why not?” My lifestyle, my morals, my every day life is the result of just going with the flow with no goal in mind. I just applied to a production company I’ve wanted to be a part of since I was a child and I qualified due to my spontaneous leap into an engineering college. I didn’t even know where campus was until a week from the starting date. I do have a bleak worldview but it’s inspiring to me, best case, I get to choose what I want to do in the after life: become some kind of god myself, be reincarnated, relive the life I just lived, whatever I want. Ultimately, whatever I do with my life means nothing when I die, all this education and knowledge and memories might mean nothing. So I enjoy them while they’re here~

    Worst case I go to Hell and well, why not! I accept what I believe is just my own thing and I could suffer for it, but I’m happy with it. Trying to tear apart something I believe to be a perfect fit for me and trying to stuff another belief in has been torturous. Ive been overextending at the gym and the dojo, working overtime, just trying to exhaust myself while I work all this out mentally. I pray, I ask for guidance, I get so frustrated thinking it won’t work. My Christian friends are opposed to the idea because they love me the way I am and I don’t need to change for no woman but I want to improve for us~

    Meow, sorry for the late response, I’ve been a productive mess the last month.

  • Tom Tom says:

    Please click on Talk to a Mentor at the top right of this page. You will be connected with a personal mentor. Regards!!

  • Terrina Lake says:

    I wanna talk to someone that can guide me on a everyday life of getting back with Jesus

  • Jamie Jamie says:

    Hi Dillan, I admire your commitment to your girlfriend. Being willing to change your belief system for her is a big deal. Are you sure she is worth it? :)

    What conclusions have you come to about the existence of God? If you believe there is a God what have you concluded His character is like? Is He/She/It accessible to engage in a relationship with humans? Is there a need for humans to connect with God? On what do you base your conclusions?

    I would be interested to hear what kind of a worldview you have constructed for yourself.

  • Dillan says:

    I’ve been in a relationship with a Christian for almost 5 years now and I essentially grew up taking the qualities I liked from many religions to create a faith that satisfied my needs. But the fact I’m not saved has bothered my significant other for years albeit I had thought it was no longer an issue from previous discussions but as I feared, it still hovered over her. It was proven earlier this week when she spoke up about it and we discussed it. I want to try branching more towards her faith but it’s as difficult as my previous attempts.

    From what I’ve gathered, I need to find what Christianity has to offer me that I want. Reading a few of these forums I’ve concluded I don’t need/want the comfort of a set path or traditions established for family and such or even a God to watch over me. I don’t doubt any faith, I just don’t follow any established one.

    I do see organized religion as I see most college institutions: For profit. I always saw Christianity could be established just by having a relationship with God but I don’t know what he can offer me that I already am comfortable with. An eternal heaven does not carry much appeal albeit I would cross into that for my lover. Eternal damnation also carries little weight against me and even over the years, the interpretations of the Devil I’ve come across make me root for him as the underdog.

    I’ve read that “Basically one can’t unknow things. Once innocence is gone it is gone” and I think that’s my case. I already have a solid idea of what I want to happen when I die, I already have a strong moral system, I already believe what I believe but I want to try converting for myself. I know for sure my belief system is wrong, I can make the gamble.

    I’m going to keep searching for something I can grasp on to and root myself to but thought this post wouldn’t hurt~


  • M. Jantzen says:

    Hello Esther, I can see that you really desire to follow God with your whole heart. That can be hard to do. We need encouragement and a supportive community around us. I would encourage you to keep on looking for a good church (not a perfect one, cause that doesn’t exist), but you could also benefit from this online community. Here’s the link to join one of our chat room studies/discussions: and if you want to talk confidentially with one of our online mentors, here’s the link: Take care.

  • esther says:

    Hi am really gr8ful 4 being here today,i wish to be a gud christian shed away e bad thns da i lust 4. I dnt go to church nt because i dnt wan to but i fall back anytym i make a strong wish to fellowship.i can hardly pray or read my bible…i really need help a way of joinin a chat room n knwin e true love God has to offer us….i really desire to say No! to e thns da draws me 4rm God,especially sex.

  • bruktawit workneh says:

    hey,u have no idea how much i have obsession to be what i dream to be for all time,and need a supporter of mine,who always stand by my side,give me the courage to do(be) my best and to become “love and peace maker.and i want to know(understand) how it work’s and i think i am women of my word and cause i have to be her in order to live.

  • vanessa desmarais says:

    hello, im interested in a group any group for me. ive been stuggling with my life, although i feel God tugging on me, sin is the easiest. and i want to learn more and be involed.

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