Galatians Life Lesson

One of the most awesome and life-transforming realities we discover in Scripture is that God Himself, through His Spirit, comes to dwell in the Christian at the moment of conversion. In Galatians 5:22-23, the apostle Paul describes the influence the Spirit has on passion and pleasure. To express this influence, he uses the word fruit. What images does the word fruit bring to your mind? It brings to my mind an image of beauty, of refreshment, of enjoyment, of life. Just think of how many artists have painted a bowl of fruit!

1. Lesson One: But the Fruit of the Spirit is…
2. Lesson Two: But You Can’t Have It All…
3. Lesson Three: But the Fruit of the Spirit is…
4. Choose Kindness: Whole-Hearted Grace
5. Choose Goodness: Whole-Hearted Service
6. Choose Faithfulness: Whole-Hearted Commitment
7. Choose Gentleness: Whole-Hearted Consideration of Others
8. Choose Self-Control: Whole-Hearted Resolution
9. Choose Love: Whole-Hearted Living for Eternity
10. Choose Joy: Whole-Hearted Devotion
11. Choose Peace: Whole-Hearted Trust
12. Pure Pleasure, Pure Passion
13. Choose Patience: Whole-Hearted Enduring