Building a Dream

Written by Gail Rodgers

life_builddreamThe group was silent as the question hung in the air. It was repeated. “What are the dreams that lie deep within your heart?”

Slowly the answers came out. “I’ve forgotten how to dream.” “Disappointment in life has kept me from dreaming.”  “Just paying the bills and getting through has put all my dreams on the back burner.” “Helping others reach for their dreams left my own right out of reach.”

Dreams can get lost. From time to time most of us need a refresher course on building a dream.. The dust of day-to-day living can bury them. New dreams are often birthed in the midst of trial. Asking God for wisdom and a way through the trial is sometimes the very seed to a new dream.

Dreams take time to build. When building a dream you must be prepared to persevere.  Building a dream is not for the faint-hearted! It takes faith, faith in yourself and faith in God who plants the seeds of dreams in the first place.

Most of us have a dream buried beneath the rubble of life. Take it out and dust it off. If you have no dreams left, ask God to put a new dream in your heart.

Share your dream with one person who will walk beside you and encourage you in building a dream. We all have days when the daily dust piles up again and it’s easy to let the dream slip away. A soul-mate will paint the colors of your dream for you when you have forgotten the picture.

Right now, today, put a name to your dream. Write it down. Dreams that come from the very seed God places in your heart will be dreams that go beyond the acquiring of bigger, better, more. His dreams, the ones that will fulfill who you are in the depth of your being, will be dreams that make you a better person and the world a better place.

Building a dream can start today

DDefine your dream. If it’s more education be specific about a particular course. If its starting your own business pinpoint exactly what you would do. If it’s helping the needy then decide what need and in what location. Identify where you’re going.

R –  Resource yourself. In other words, do your homework. Find out what it takes to make happen what you want to happen. Where is your course offered? How much does it cost? Is there a market niche for the business you want to start? Can you practically get to the need you wish to help meet? Evaluate the risk. The greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing!

EEquip yourself. Start a savings account for your dream and put in pennies if that’s all you have today.  Register for one course. Write up a business plan. Volunteer in the area of the need you have identified. Many dreams go by the wayside because no one ever took that first step. Make a choice today.

AApply yourself. Dreams take hard work and often sacrifice. You will have to say “no” to some  things in order to pursue your dream. Persevere.

MManage yourself. Know your priorities and stick to them. Many things will call you away from your dream. Don’t let regret of yesterday or fear of tomorrow rob you of pursuing your dream today!

The God who created us put our deepest desires within our hearts. He calls us to persevere. He calls us to ask for wisdom from Him and to walk in faith. He reminds us that when we are double minded we are unstable in every way.

Put your hope in God today. Know He has your very best interest at heart. Accept His love and His forgiveness. Choose to be single-minded in allowing God to share your journey of life with you. You will not be disappointed in having Him guide you through the maze of life.

Invite Him now…

God in Heaven,

I know I have gone my own way and not given You the place You long for in my journey. I thank you for loving me and for sending Your son, Jesus to die for me. Forgive me for all the times and places I have messed up in my life. I open my heart to you today and ask You to walk beside me. Stir within me the dreams you have placed in my heart and mind. Help me to rely on You to guide me and help me to grow my faith as I ask for wisdom on my journey. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

God can re-kindle a dream in your heart today. Even in the midst of any trial or difficulty you are facing, ask Him for wisdom. He promises to give it! Look for it. Expect it. Believe God will come through with the insight and knowledge you need to move forward. Be single-minded in trusting Him to guide you. He made you just as you are and He will work in you and through you as you ask Him to help you fulfill the dreams He has planted in your heart. Begin building a dream today.

3 Responses to “Building a Dream”

  • Alfred says:

    I think the above is a Salvation prayer as well as a request for guidance and help in finding and developing that dream HE has for us. My God-given dream was to have healing hands. With my Baptism in the Holy Spirit came the gift of Healing Hands. I found that it is not I, but God who determines when to use them (for Him)! Yet it is I who must be alert and willing to respond when the moment arrives for them to be used, which means I need to be Spiritually in tune at all times. Doctor Jesus gets all the credit!!!
    Now, James, may I repeat the questions that Jamie just asked? Has Jesus made a difference…..? How ?

  • Jamie Jamie says:

    Hi James, thanks for your input. Has Jesus made a difference in the dreams you have for your life? How?

  • james says:

    The prayer above is not a salvation prayer.

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