Life Lessons

These lessons are a great way to dig a little deeper into a topic that interests you. Just read the material provided and respond to the questions. Most lessons take less than an hour to complete. When you hit “Submit” your answers will be sent to a Study Coach who will respond with additional insights. If you wish to discuss things further with your coach, they’re always just an email away. Explore a new topic. Learn at your own pace. Life Lessons are ready when you are. With over a hundred topics to choose from, there’s a Life Lesson for everyone. (All lessons are free.)

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Interactive Life Lessons

NEW: Journey to the Cross and Beyond (5 Lessons)
Join us in this five part Easter study series as we review some of the events of the final week before Jesus’ death, and beyond.

NEW: Women of Faith (2 Lessons)
The Bible is full of women who believed God’s promises when their circumstances made it seem impossible.  Take this study to learn how to develop a faith like that.

What does your Soul Crave? (5 Lessons)
If you could wish for anything in the world, what do you most desire? What would you give in exchange for the satisfaction of that longing? Let’s explore together the theme of craving or longing for more.

Knowing Jesus Personally (4 Lessons)
Growing in your spiritual relationship with Christ takes time. Each of these four Life Lessons includes video clips, notes and interactive lessons on basic growth steps in Christian living.

Where Does Your Value Lie? (1 lesson)
In this online lesson based on a video, we learn how to determine values and priorities in life. Sometimes life does not go as planned, regardless of the effort and heart we have put into things. Take this study to help you learn where to place value in life.

The Other Six Days: The Secrets We Hide (3 Lessons)
How do you deal with the disconnect between who we are and who we seem to be? Are there certain “masks” that you have been wearing that you feel like you need to get rid of, but don’t know who to talk to about it?

What Do You Fear: Up a Tree (1 Lesson)
In this online lesson based on a humorous video, we explore the less humorous reality of fear. Everyone has fears, but how do we deal with them, or even overcome them?

Living Self-Controlled, Alert Lives (3 Lessons)
How important is control to you? What about self-control? Christ-followers are challenged to grow in self-control. How is this possible? In this lesson we will explore the value and necessity of self-control in our lives today.

Portraits of the Christ (8 Lessons)
Take these online lessons as we focus our gaze on these portraits and attend to what God teaches us about Himself and our relationship to Him.

Topic Life Lessons

Life Issues (14 Lessons)
What is the meaning of life? Do you want to learn to manage your time more wisely? The life issues Bible studies will help you learn about yourself and God.

Marriage (7 Lessons)
Do you want to improve and deepen you marriage? Strengthen your marriage by learning how to affair-proofing it, keep romance alive, resolve conflict and much more.

Learn About God (11 Lessons)
Who is God? Does God love me? Will God answer my prayers? How does God impact our society? Life Lessons that will grow you in your understanding of God’s work in your life.

Teen Studies (6 Lessons)
This teen and youth lesson series cover subjects like dating, family, friends, and the media. Try them!

More Topics

Steps with Jesus (11 Lessons)
Discover what it means to walk with Jesus in your daily life. Beginning lessons for new Christians.

Books of the Bible (9 Lessons)
Do you ever wish you could study a book of the Bible in more depth? Take a deep look at books such as Philippians, 1 & 2 Peter, Ruth, Ephesians, and more!

The Gifts of Christmas (4 Lessons)
The gifts that are most treasured are often the ones with no price tag. We invite you to consider with us the Gifts of Christmas.

Advent Journeys (6 Lessons)
Consider several journeys which are related to the acadvent or coming of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Carols of Christmas ( 9 Lessons)
Meditate on classic Christmas carols that focus on the true meaning of Christmas.