Lose Weight, Not Yourself

Written by Julie Cosgrove

scalefeetIt is no surprise that many of us struggle with our weight. We are bombarded with images in advertisements and on TV of thin, muscular, fit people even up into their gray-haired years. We look in the mirror, suck in our guts, and think, that should be me.

Thoughts dash through our minds. This time I’ll do it! I will lose those ten, twenty, forty pounds. I’ll be healthier, have more friends, land more dates. The latest fashions will look good on me. People will notice me and love me more. I’ll never have to worry about my partner’s infidelity. I’ll get that promotion.

So we latch onto the latest diet craze: low carb, gluten free, Omega3 fats, no dairy, dark leafy greens, high proteins… We step on the scale after a week or so and cheer. Five to seven pounds gone. Hurrah!

Soon our focus is mainly on our stomachs and what we put into them. “Eating Healthy” becomes a cause, a banner to wave. We tell everyone we see about our new achievement, expecting envious looks and a few cheers. We courageously fork into our salad while everyone else is downing the burger and fries, and feel just a tad superior.

Maybe we even add working out into the regiment. Gotta have pain not to gain. Right? Then we start to see even more results. We begin to like ourselves more. That is, until we are invited out to eat, or to a party, and binge indulgently. We wake up the next morning with the dieter’s hangover, feeling lousy and guilty, displeased with ourselves. Our mood plummets. What a roller coaster!

Is being skinny that important? Is that how we measure our self worth? You may find these articles to be really encouraging as you try to journey toward wholeness and health to lose weight, but not lose yourself along the way.

The Perfect Anorexic — Dieting and exercise became an obsession to Karen, and it almost killed her.

Hungry for Comfort — When Mary finally admitted she was a food addict, then she was able to journey toward healing and health.

Are You an Emotional Eater? — Let’s take an honest look at the causes and the consequences of eating for comfort.

When You’ve Got That Ugly Fat Feeling — Five ways to fight that feeling and make your closet — and your body — your friend.

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