Portraits of the Christ

Many photographers enjoy doing photo shoots for high school seniors. They often capture the student in several different poses. Perhaps one portrait is of the student relaxing against a tree, and another relates to a favorite hobby. There may be a pensive shot with the student overlooking the bridge railing into the river, and another captures a far-away gaze into the clouds. Parents have difficulty in choosing a favorite because each portrays a different facet of their child’s life and personality.

Although the camera had not yet been invented, the Bible gives us a number of word pictures to portray Jesus, the Christ. Each captures a different facet of His character, His life and His mission. Join this study as we focus our gaze on these portraits and attend to what God teaches us about Himself and our relationship to Him.

  1. Lesson One: Introduction to the Lesson
  2. Lesson Two: Bread of Life (John 6)
  3. Lesson Three: Light of the World (John 9)
  4. Lesson Four: Gate or Door (John 10)
  5. Lesson Five: Good Shepherd
  6. Lesson Six: The Resurrection and the Life
  7. Lesson Seven: The Way, the Truth and the Life
  8. Lesson Eight: The Vine