Holding Onto Anger Video provided by: TruthMedia films

They say to forgive someone is to set yourself free.  Unfortunately, Rodd had to learn that the hard way.  When Rodd and his family moved to another city they it looked like the perfect opportunity.  But when the deal fell through Rodd struggled with  bitterness and anger. He had a choice: to forgive or continue being bitter. What would you have chosen? Do you need to let go of your anger and bitterness? We can show you how.

Do You Want True Forgiveness?

One Response to “Holding Onto Anger”

  • Brenda says:

    Thank you so much for this, Rodd. It can seem strange to be grateful for pain, but I understand, as I also learned much and have grown much from suffering. One of the greatest lessons I am learning is that I need to listen to God and then follow His plan for me instead of submitting my plans to Him and asking Him to “Please do this!” I believe that is the reason I was so embittered and angry and disillusioned with life and the Lord for years; I was trying to lead Him instead of sitting in the copilot’s seat and letting the Lord fly the plane. When my life plans came crashing down around me, I did not understand what went wrong, why the Lord was “doing this to me.” Now I see that He was not doing anything to me other than allowing me to take the time I needed to see He is Almighty God, not me, and I need to submit my will to Him that I may follow Him, not submit my plans to Him for Him to carry out according to my will! Praise God, for He allows U-turns! I believe I am finally on the right path. And like Rodd, I am thankful for the lessons taught – and learned.

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