Tips for Hosting a Christmas Coffee

Written by Kim Wier

Entertaining involves outer trappings; hospitality involves the heart. Where entertaining is an event that requires resources, hospitality is an invitation to friendship. This hospitality event is designed to provide an opportunity to build relationships with neighbors. It is a casual social night that will include a brief time for you to share the significance of Christmas through a story about how God has changed your life. You can use this same pattern to reach out to coworkers, acquaintances from your community organizations, or parents of your children’s friends.

  • Begin by praying regularly about the timing and preparation, for your neighbor’s receptivity to learning about Jesus, and for boldness and confidence as you tell your story. If you know other Christians in your neighborhood, invite them to pray and be part of the event with you.
  • Choose a date and a time. Take into account your town’s community calendar.  Avoid scheduling your coffee on a night when a big event is planned. Also consider the makeup of the neighborhood. Young families will need to feed children and settle a baby-sitter before arriving. Also remember that calendars get full as Christmas draws near. Early December on a weeknight from 7:00 until 8:30 P.M. usually works well.
  • Don’t ask guests to bring anything to their first gathering. You don’t want them to have any obstacles to attending. Treat them instead.
  • Here is the revolutionary part: Don’t stress out about what you will serve. If you like to bake, go for it. But bake all the desserts you plan to serve the day before so that you have time for other important things the day of the coffee. If, like me, the very idea of preparing something edible would keep you from hosting your neighbors, then serve prepared desserts. You can get them from a bakery or from the bakery department of a grocery store. Remember, guests are not coming for food but for a chance to meet new friends. Keep that goal in mind.
  • Just before guests arrive on the night of the party, place single servings of the dessert onto holiday plates so that you will not be stuck at the serving table later in the night. Set out cups, glasses, silverware, and napkins.
  • Choose meaningful music to be played that night. Christmas hymns or carols playing quietly in the background will add much to your evening.

An excerpt taken from Redeeming the Season written by Kim Wier and Pam McCune (Tyndale).

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  • Cindy Amend says:

    I found these tips are excellent for learning about Jesus. Similarly, also teaches the Bible verse and Jesus love using giveaways in different occasions.

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