Tips on Elder Care

Written by M. Larson
  1. Pray for understanding, guidance, help, wisdom and mercy.
  2. Try to understand about the fears, quirks and frustrations that beset the elderly. My mother had a strong faith in her Lord.
  3. Uplifters for elderly parents: hearing Bible read, singing praise songs and praying with them. \
  4. Organizations can help:
    • Cancer Societies, Life Abilities, Easter Seals and churches can provide things such a wheelchairs, portable potties, crutches etc
    • Meals on Wheels can provide hot meals to the home daily
    • Your church or local Senior Citizens can provide help in various ways
    • Social Services can give guidance in matters such as nursing homes and Medicaid. Take care of yourself; there’s only so much you can do before your own well-being fails!

This goes particularly for those who take care of loved ones at home. You need to get away for a few days once in a while. Ask the Lord to give you someone who will be there for your loved ones while you are gone. Perhaps someone at your church or a family member could come stay at your home. And even if you have to pay for somebody to do it, it would be worth the price!

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