Leading Your Grandchildren to Christ

Written by Kevin Miller

leadgrandkidsMuch has been written about how parents can help lead their children to Christ, but have you ever thought about what role you, a grandparent, can play in leading your grandchildren to Christ?

One visitor to our site recently shared her own experience in this area:

“I must tell you that after reading the Journey of Joy to my five grandsons, they each asked Jesus to be Lord of their life. We read aloud the sinners prayer and invited Jesus to take over their lives. This was after much discussion and a lot of questions to which they needed answer…. Your site was an instrument used to save souls of five young men from ages 10–16. We hope you don’t mind that we printed out copies of the journey for each boy for reference.”

Leading her grandsons to Christ must have been a tremendous experience for this grandmother, as you can imagine. And there’s no reason why you can’t have this same experience too. You may not actually get to be there when your grandchildren make the decision (although you may), but you can definitely play a key role at every stage along the way. Here are some ideas:

  • Get down on your knees
    If you want to become a tool in the hands of God, the first thing you need to do is get down on your knees and pray. Intercede on behalf of your grandchildren. Ask God to provide you with opportunities to share the gospel with them or to be a Christian role model. The key is to let God know you’re available and then to keep an eye out for the opportunities He opens up.
  • Be a positive role model
    After prayer, one of the surest ways to get your grandchildren interested in the gospel is to begin living it out yourself. This means more than simply going to church. It means modeling the character of Christ in through your love, encouragement and wisdom. If you live out your faith, over time, your grandchildren will come to see that something is different about your life. And you can count on their inquisitive young minds to begin asking what it is.
  • Talk about your faith
    Don’t be shy about your Christian faith, but don’t be pushy about it either. Look for opportunities to draw conversations with your grandchildren back to God. For example, if you’re out on a nature hike with your grandkids, use the splendour of creation to direct their attention back to the One who made it all – God. Children are looking for this sort of spiritual guidance; so don’t be afraid to give it to them.
  • Provide your grandchildren with Christian resources
    Many excellent Christian resources exist today that help communicate the gospel to children, including books, CDs, games and videos. Why not give some of these resources to your grandchildren as Christmas presents, birthday gifts or as a “just because” present? Of course, you’ll want to check with their parents first to make sure the resource is appropriate for the child and that they don’t already own it.
  • Be available
    There’s nothing like being there. With so many dual-income families these days, parents often don’t have as much time as they’d like to spend with their children. This is where you can step in and help fill the gap:

    • Offer to babysit your grandchildren while their parents are at work.
    • Commit to being your grandchildren’s number one fan and show up at all of their sporting events.
    • Offer to help drive them around to their various activities after school. (This is a great opportunity to spend some quality one-on-one time with your grandchildren.).
    • Volunteer to be a sponsor at your granchildren’s youth group or to teach your grandchildren’s Sunday school class.
    • Do anything you can think of to create opportunities to spend more time with your grandchildren.

You never know when such opportunities will turn into impromptu occasions to share the gospel with your grandchildren. Shared experiences like this also create a bond between you and your grandchildren that will make them much more receptive to the gospel when you do share it.

3 Responses to “Leading Your Grandchildren to Christ”

  • Yes! What a blessing and privilege to be able to share the gospel with our grandchildren and to hopefully be able to have a role in leading them to Christ!

  • Chris says:

    ann cantrell…my heart breaks for you and your grandson. surely jesus has the answers you need. it starts as we can with intercession and fasting on behalf of these parents who are in such need of him. perhaps this mother is not really worthy of having her son the way she treats him. you might want to check with ndvh.org for some orientation along those lines. above all, we pray jesus takes control of this situaion, redeems the lad from all evil and saves his parents for his great names sake and his glory amen

  • Ann Cantrell says:

    Kevin Miller, greetings in our Lord Christ Jesus.

    I praise God that He has led me to find this site as I was searching for help to disciple my seven year old grandson. I am homeschooling my seven year old grandson. He is a troubled little boy because his mother (my daughter-in-law) has debilitating mental problems and his father (my son) has Asperger’s Syndrome and my grandson has inherited some difficulties from each of them and also is suffering trauma in his home, due to his mother’s illness (borderline personality disorder) keeping their whole family in the pit of despair. I am using a Children’s Bible Story book by Catherine F. Vos to read from and make many of our daily learning opportunities based on what we learn from the Bible stories.
    Thank you and praise be to God for this site. I seek God’s wisdom to know how best to minister to my grandson. Sadly, his mother is not encouraging toward me in my efforts to teach him and care for his every need or toward her son for all that his is learning by God’s grace. It appears that the devil, through my daughter-in-law, seeks to sabotage my every effort, from toilet training him to teaching him table manners to teaching him academics. She wants to get him out of the house as much as possible, but wants him back for bedtime. My grandson sees and hears his mother spurning his father, her husband, my son, and he is learning to do likewise. The trauma he suffers at home is deplorable.
    My daughter-in-law has taken my grandson to visit a therapist to talk about his feelings, due to his many shows of uncontrollable anger. It is certain that she is not admitting the truth of how she has abandoned her husband and son on many occasions since her son was a toddler, causing what I perceive is an abandonment complex in my grandson.
    I know one thing that is important is for me to be forgiving toward our daughter-in-law. I am in need of prayer that God will grant me His wisdom when our daughter-in-law sneeringly makes cutting remarks about her son or husband whenever she arrives with our grandson. I don’t know how to converse with her because she seems repulsed by anything I say but at the same time makes her own comments that have nothing to do with reality. She seems to have a hard time being connected with reality, to the point of saying that she and her husband are the prince and princess in a castle, and she is not teasing. She actually believes this. She has no ability to accept responsibilities as a parent, as a wife or homemaker. Our grandson is exposed to inappropriate TV and movies. When he comes to me a lot of time is spent on telling me about the garbage he is learning. It breaks my heart to listen to what he tells me and I would rather not hear about it, as it takes away time from talking about what is truthful and wholesome. Soo… I am in need of much wisdom as it seems that all that goes on in his home is causing blockages to his learning. The reason he comes to me for homeschooling is that he was failing in the public school system and also his mother has no patience to homeschool him herself, their relationship being one that involves her criticizing his every effort to learn or function in any capacity, and him not being able to learn from her.
    Aside from your prayers, if you have any advice or resources to help me minister to my grandson I would be very grateful to know about them. I praise God for how my grandson seems to be more open to the things of God than our own two children. His favorite song that he sings often is “God’s Not Dead.”

    Thank you in advance,
    Ann Cantrell

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