Prayer From a Parent’s Heart

Written by Beth Scholes

Praying ParentAs I sit down to write this article I am reminded of the awesome honour of being a parent. God has granted me the privilege of raising three of His special little ones, but with the privilege comes great responsibility and a lot of hard work. Perhaps more than any other area of life, parenting brings with it the capacity both for boundless joy and tremendous heartache. What can we do as parents to succeed at the task God has given us? Pray, Pray, Pray!

Parenting has not been an easy journey for me. I have had to face my own inadequacy and rely on God’s plan for my life and my children. Part of that process was God teaching me how to pray for my children. There is no exact science for this, but the Lord put it on my heart to write a prayer for each of my children.

Why write a prayer? I had so many things that I wanted to remember to pray for each of my children, and writing it out really helped me to be concise. The written prayers reflect each child’s uniqueness, while also covering the basics in such a way that I don’t feel like I’m forgetting any important issues. I’d encourage you to give it a try.

Begin with a decision to take the time to pray for your children. This sounds simple, but it takes follow-through and commitment. When it comes to prayer, there is no substitute for time, and writing a well-crafted prayer for each child takes extra effort. But you will find that it’s well worth it.

Next, sit down and brainstorm a list of all the things you want to pray for. What is important to you as you raise your children in this difficult culture we live in? Try to catch a glimpse of the future: what kind of adults do you want your kids to become? Here are a few items on my prayer list:

* (Editor’s Note: Try printing out these prayer items and insert it in your Bible so you can be reminded to pray for your kids.)

  • Purity: I pray for purity both for my kids and for their future spouses. Their spouses are out there somewhere, growing up as children right now, and what happens in their lives will greatly affect the life of my children down the road.
  • Relationships: Above all, I pray that my kids will develop strong relationships with the Lord. I also pray for healthy relationships with their siblings, with friends, and with my husband and I as their parents.
  • Protection: The world is a dangerous place in many ways. I pray for physical, spiritual and emotional protection for each child.
  • Personal weaknesses: Every child has their own struggles, whether it’s lying, angry outbursts, disrespect, or any number of other issues. I pray that God will shape their character and turn their weaknesses to strengths.
  • Thanks: Each child also has unique strengths that are God’s gift to our family. For some it’s charm, for others leadership ability or a sense of humour. I thank God for these special qualities and ask Him to continue to develop these characteristics in our children.

After brainstorming your list, pray and ask the Holy Spirit to lead you in writing the prayer. Then it’s finally time to sit down and start writing! In addition to working from the list, I try to incorporate scripture passages that are applicable to the situation. Because the Bible is God’s perfect Word, I believe it is very powerful in prayer.

Here is an example of what I wrote as part of a prayer regarding purity:

For a daughter:

“Lord, we ask for purity in her life and that of her husband. We ask for protection over their innocence and purity; protect them from others and wrong choices, call them to a higher standard. We ask for wisdom and discernment in teaching and preparing her for a life of purity and modesty. I also ask that you grant her husband’s parents wisdom as they raise a man of integrity.”

For a son:

“Lord, we pray against pornography and lust and its evil effects on his life both as a child and as an adult. Give us wisdom in teaching him to respect girls and women. Put a calling of purity upon his life that he will never use, abuse, or take advantage of girls or women. We ask for wisdom and discernment in teaching and preparing him for a life of purity.”

I pray blessing and biblical qualities for my children. The Bible has a lot to say about how we speak and the power of the tongue to do damage, but also to bring healing. “The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit” (Proverbs 18:21).

“Father we thank You for (insert your daughter’s name here), You have heaped us with bounty and we praise You for entrusting us with her. She is fearfully and wonderfully made. You chose her for us and we thank You for the gift she is to us. We bless her and ask that You fill her with “Whatever things are true, noble, just, pure, lovely, of good report, having virtue, or anything praiseworthy, let her think on these things.””

I pray for wisdom as a parent regarding specific issues for this child. The Bible says whoever lacks wisdom should ask…so I ask a lot! “If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him” (James 1:5).

“Lord, grant us wisdom. We ask that you would impress upon him that lying is wrong. Help us to train him to be a man of integrity and honesty starting now. We ask that you would raise him up to be an upright man; one who is pro-active for what is right. May he not be passive, but aggressive for truth and what is honourable.”

Relationships will be a lifelong pursuit for your children: relationships with family, friends and especially with the Lord. My dad prayed faithfully for a good Christian friend for me in high school. I am so thankful for those prayers, and I believe God has answered them many times over in my life. I thank God for many wonderful friends over the years.

“We ask Father that you would fill her life with good relationships, first with you Lord. Help her to seek after Godly things. We ask your blessing on our relationship with her, help us to express to her and for her to feel unconditional love; may she rise up and call us blessed. We ask for good friends for her; that she may feel accepted and influenced by good kids. Keep her path straight. We ask your blessing on her life by causing Godly people to positively influence her life at the crossroads she will face. Go before her and prepare the way.”

I hope this glance into my heart as a mother will encourage you in your parenting journey. As I conclude this article I want to share that the first prayer I wrote was a turning point for our family. I wrote that prayer out of desperation because I had tried everything the world has to offer, and yet nothing had worked. Truly God wanted to begin a work in me, and it started with turning my eyes upon the Lord and looking to Him for answers. As I look back I see a faithful God working in our lives. The true changes began when I took my eyes off changing my child and started changing myself.

200 Responses to “Prayer From a Parent’s Heart”

  • Malou says:

    Dear Heavenly Father, I want to thank you that my prayers were answered and granted by only you. I want you to please continue helping me, hearing me, mending me, encouraging me to be strong, strengthen my belief and to contunually a good follower of you. I maybe not a perfect Mom, sister and a friend but I am perfect to you I am Thanking you God Heavenly Father for this chance. I really felt the love and embrace I have from you. I might not be here anymore in Dubai working. I might not be with my kids anymore and Mom if you God leaves me intimes of my failure, weakness, broken hearted, alone, giving up on life. But here I am still, I am speaking to you smiling to you Oh God. Thank you.

    God Heavenly Father I have asked you that to please helped me dreamed and this wished to come true that early next year January 2015 I will be starting building a house. God Heavenly Father I am praying to you “to build a home, a house for us” (My family my kids my Mom and Papa we are a victim of Sendong Typhoon way back Dec 2011. From then on we do not have a home nor house that we can our house till this day.

    God I got a call from DIB BANK yesterday that they’re going to review my loan application. Thank you for this God.

    God Heavenly Father I can not build our house if not because of applying for loan. Now I pray to you back and back again that DIB Bank will allow me and trust me on Financing the Expenses. God I claimed you and me to start my journey of building a house for my kids, Mom and Papa. In your God’s Grace O God Heavenly Father I prayed. Amen.

  • Shelley says:

    Dear Father God.

    Lord I lift up my friend to you that you bless Your child as he is seeking Your gift of salvation, in Jesus name Amen

  • Luci Light says:

    In acts 2:34-47 are the steps of becoming a disciple of Christ. You should determine if he is actually a disciple before assuming he will depict the fruit of the spirit taught in Galatians 5:22. Pray with expectancy for wisdom! Pray that he hears the truth, that the truth convicts him, that he repents, gets baptized for the forgiveness, is then filled with the Holy Spirit before anything else. Grace and peace be with you.

  • Shelley says:

    Dear Father God.
    Lord I lift up my sisters to You at this time in there lives, that You would bless them beyond measure. In Jesus Name amen

  • Chris says:

    Cindy…we pray with you that your daughter would be solidly placed upon the never-moving rock of jesus christ and his words of life. may the lord deliver her totally from any and all addictions and present her before his throne of glory with great joy. the lord mightily anoint you as your daughters mother and best friend to show her by your example of faith and love, the reality of jesus christ in your life and then in hers. in jesus name, amen.

  • Cindy says:

    Dear Lord

    I pray for strength, wisdom and knowledge. I am an enabler to my child who is struggling with addiction. I pray that the power of the Lord be with her in this trying time in her life. I pray for healing. Lord, save our children from this evil disease, give them the strength and the power to rise above and take there life back. Protect them from thy enemies. Lord, make me a stronger, wiser person to help my daughter in a positive way. Take this bitterness away from me that I may make rational decision when it come to her. Keep her safe. I pray for all children and adults going through trying times that they may understand and begin to heal there aliments. You Dear Lord are my rock and inspiration that keeps me going in prayer, Please forgive us of all our sins, In your name I pray. AMEN

  • Yvonne says:

    This has always been my Mother’s Prayer:

    Dear God

    Protect them, guide them, love them.


    And after each phrase, I focus on what is important for them today.

    As they are now adults, I notice that my greatest hope is that they have loving relationships….because…”the greatest of these is Love” Amen!

  • dear god be with my son he is very sick right now and need your help god i have some of the money for my son we just need $400 more so my son can get back on he feet so plz help use god we reall need it right now god so plz help us out god i don’t what my son to die so plz here my pray god plz my kid are my life and u now i would do ant than for tham u now this god so plz help me save my son plz god amne

  • Chris Landwerlen says:

    John…as you know the culture we live in today has had some terrible effects on both male and female youth. praying for prevention is like a healthy preventative medicine before a problem arises. blessings!!

  • John says:

    So you believe male children are all wife beating porn crazed idiots who beat woman?
    Nice. God forgives you. Love and understanding is kinda important too.

  • Chris Landwerlen says:

    second chance to dream…we pray in jesus name that jesus dreams for your lives come true! blessings!

  • Shelley says:

    Dear Father God.
    Lord I lift all the girls in families that you will protect them as they seek life and that the young girls will seek You as there savior first and that you will help the parents take care of the girls in life. In Jesus name amen

  • JMJ says:


    I am in constant prayer with The Lord even when my spirit can’t take it anymore with so much that has happened beyond my control. I recently got a divorce. No children in the marriage. I do have three children I brought to the marriage. I never wanted a divorce but I was left with no choice in the matter. That man was abusive and no matter what he wasn’t gonna change. I tried everything and nothing worked. He always seem to plead his lies to others that had no clue as to what was really going on in the marriage. In spite of that. I thank God for giving me the strength to move forward. I was left disabled from a bad car accident and the added injuries from abuse from my ex husband. My credit score went from 810 to payments in bankruptcy.

    My gift of life to my children I take very seriously. I didnt pick the best father for them I raised them all by myself. My oldest is my daughter she has her own ups and downs and I pray for strenght, love, happiness and her abilities to re-gain her INDEPENDECE since the last boyfriend took her bubbly full of life spirit I know she has from her. I ask The Lord to please assist her strenght in her and please let her know in her heart we all love her.

    My son has his problems dropped out of school and began his life in and out of jail. Doing dumb stuff just for the sake of doing it. He has his court battle coming up this week. There were a lot of wrong things in his case that had happened and my prayer on that is I pray the truth comes out in court. On the other hand. My son has a good heart. He has accepted the fact he wasn’t being the best he could be within and is willing to own up to the problems he created to himself. My prayer for him is God please guide this young man to strenght in changing himself to be a better person and a man of his word. I pray that he does further his education as he has promised me. He now sees a lot of what I tried to inform him of years ago. It’s harder to follow the path of The Lord and its easy not follow the laws that are put in place on our daily lives. But when you are in trouble then people seek The Lord instead of seeking him before you get yourself caught up. My prayer to my son is to be a true man of his word, a hard worker and a man that is always willing to learn; I pray that my son seeks The Lord and find a ground that he can understand the messages The Lord has for him.

    My youngest daughter she is the one that will battle with me on everything. She has a 4 yr old son and I only want the best for her. She is now in Nursing School to get her LPN licenses and then her plans are to bridge to the RN program. My prayer for her is her to see the guidance The Lord has in place for her and her son. Although her son’s father isn’t fully on his job as a parent. That should not stop her from stepping up to the plate. She is on her own and my prayer is for The Lord to continue to watch over her and to help her spirit with dealing with me. I am only there to assist not take over my grandma abilities. I believe she does see that sometimes and I also believe that she forgets. I pray for her to continue to be able to financially support herself and my grandson. I pray that my grandson gets himself together with being the good boy I know him to be as well. Lastly I pray for strenght, Heath, her ability to get along with me her mom and accept what plans The Lord has in place for her and my grandson.

    I pray all the time and will continue to ask The Lord to shield us all from any harm, drama or any negativity. I only want the best for us all and I pray for financial freedom with so much debts from the marriage I am limited to support myself or help my children. I pray The Lord continues to guide me with support on all of this that I and my children are going thru. I thank you God for being my biggest cheerleader and guidance. Please continue to lift me and my family in payer. Have a Blessed one everyone. Thank you.

  • Pauline says:

    I am in a serious relationship with an old flame. We had not seen each other for over 17 years. I have two children ages 20 and 18 from my marriage during that time. My youngest was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome about 5 years ago. My daughter is married and has a 2 year old child. This relationship has been rekindled for a little more than a year.

    My boyfriend does not accept my children. He is a new Christian and I believe that his heart has been hardened towards them. If he just didn’t accept them that would be fine but he won’t even be around them and isn’t even polite to them, This is so contrary to the generous loving man that I have come to love and care so much for. But his judgments towards them are harsh and his perspective very cynical. Please pray for him and for us.

    If anyone has any scripture reference that I can pray and meditate on or ones that I can share with my boyfriend that would be greatly appreciated.

  • Michael Jantzen says:

    Hello Dirkie,

    I’m so glad this article encouraged you to persevere in prayer for your loved ones. Take care!

  • Dirkie says:

    Thank you very much for this – i am going to study and do it!!!!

  • Shelley says:

    Dear Father God.

    Lord I lift up my friend who is struggling with praying and not getting an answer. Lord I lift up anyone who is having prayer not be answered, that oh Lord You will respond to her and others, as You will say yes, no or wait, as sometimes there is a Light at the end of the tunnel, as we have to keep going and not stop praying, in Jesus Mightyname Amen

  • Allie says:

    Don’t know the words anymore……how do I keep praying after so many years …… My children are adults……. I’m not sure…..I thought life was suppose to be a joy……

  • Sharon says:

    to Mary– prayer– father God I do pray for her children God I do pray that they will turn to you and for good discipline towards their children that the children will see the loving relationship the parents have towards each other and will want that for themselves, God I do put a wedge between p and h and for j and j to see you and come to you so they will have a good relationship with you too open these children eyes to see you as their Savior and LORD, God put a hunger in them for see that they need you bless Mary and her husband too I pray all of this in JESUS name amen. I am praying for you all Mary love sharon

  • Nguyêñ Tuâ? Minh says:

    ( I am on my knees ) I would like to thank you for posting the prayers. I pray for all the sons and daughters of the world. May God keep them in peace and guide them each day as a beautiful new beginning and keep them in good health. I pray that they stay in school and stay well educated. In God’s name may they have all the most beautiful and precious life and dreams. I do pray that they sleep well at night too. Please God hear our prayer in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Amen.

  • Alfred says:

    Dear Malou, I join you in prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You for helping this brother to find a good job in Dubai, as an electrician or as a warehouse worker. YOU have that job waiting for him! Thank you for helping him to look in the right way and in the right place to find what you have for him! I also pray that the place where he lives will be within easy travel to & from his work. You, Lord, are the one who is supplying all our needs. May he give a portion of his earnings, a tithe, to you in thankfulness for all you are doing in his life. Please help his sister, Malou, to be at ease, knowing that you are seeing them through. I pray that this brother find good friends at work, and that he attend a good church where YOUR NAME is honoured and preached! I pray that he thank you for these many blessings. I pray in the precious name of Jesus, our intercessor. Amen.
    Dear Lord, I also lift up Mary Louise and her miracle daughter for your blessing. You healed beautiful CJ from her medical condition so that she can be a growing joy to you and to her mother. Thank you for helping her through the relationship challenges these days. Continue to guard her heart and to learn to love you more. May she continue to find good friends that will be with her during these growing-up years. Please bless this family as they go through life’s struggles and trials, for we know that you do all things well, and we will again praise you. With praise and thanksgiving, we pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

  • malou says:

    Dear God,
    I am praying. We are praying to please helped my brother find a job in Dubai. I have sponsored him to come in Dubai to at least I can helped him to fulfill his needs in finances and debts in Philippines. I surrender to you O God, helped us to find a warehouse job or electrician and at least with good benefits accommodation and transportation and a minimum of 2500 Dirhams. I prayed . amen

  • Mary Louise says:

    Dear Lord, I truly thank You for bestowing me my beautiful daughter CJ. Through her, You have shown me Your relentless love as she has been my miracle child. We are grateful and always thankful that she’s been healed by You of her medical condition. I lift her up to You in this trying times of growing up. She’s dealing with relationship challenges at the moment and I pray that You give her strength and wisdom conquering them. I pray that You bless her with good and genuine friends who will encourage her to do what will honor Your name and will correct her in times of wrong. Please guard her heart and mind against things that will make her bitter. Teach her, O Lord, to make the right decisions as she learns from her experiences everyday.
    As her parent, I pray for wisdom, patience, guidance and strength so I will be able to lead her in Your path and be able to give her Godly advice. Let my words be words of life and encouragement to her, and my actions be an example of a life pleasing to You. This I pray in the Mighty Name of Jesus. AMEN.

  • Shelley says:

    Dear Father God.

    Lord I lift up my friend who is having problem’s with gothic. I pray that You will take it away from them in Jesus Mighty name amen

  • Nosipho says:

    Please pray for my 16 year old daughter ,she is gothic

  • Sharon says:

    to rosita– prayer–father God i pray for this son God whatever is going on with this son i pray peace that passes all undeerstanding over this son give him drfeams and visions of what he is doing to his family with his behavior Go i know hie is 3 years ago but i still pray that he will see his behavior and maybe talk it out wioth his family or bring a counsellor along his path to encourage him in you God also bring boys his age along too so he can play with and go to school woth God i pray for rosita give her strenght to raise this boy and not disrupt the family any more bring othe christians along her path to encourage her and the family and know how to handle this son give them wisdom to know how to maybe discipline this boy and to raise him according to your glory God. i pray all of this in JESUS name amen.God what ever is going on with this boy I bind all evil doings like scratching and being violent and being very aggressive in this boys life i bind them in JESUS name amen i am prsying for you rosita i feel for you tough God i pray for peace to come upon this family in JESUS name amen HUGS love sharon

  • Rosita says:

    please pray for my son. he is 3yr old and is very aggressive and violent. HE beats and bites and scrath….please pray for him…he doest want to go to school either.

    Please JESUS Help my son. My family is getting destroyed with this behavior.

  • Mary says:

    Please dear Lord help my husband and I make the right choices in disciplining our teens. Help us to be good examples of a healthy loving relationship.
    Please help P become pure and modest. If her relationships are pleasing to you then please bless them, otherwise I beg you to place a wedge between she and H. Also with j and j as well.
    I am placing them back into your hands and I know they belong to you.
    In your loving name, I pray!

  • Sharon says:

    dear diane– father God i do agree with diane with her prayer for her son adrian i do pray for him i pray dreams and visions of you and through this come to you i pray in the name of JESUS protection over him from all sorts of evil and trouble he is getting himself into and i pray for diane this mother who is also raising highschool children i pray protection over them too and i pray for encouragement for her and for her to raise her other children without worrying about adrian i pray open the eyes of adrian to see that he is causing his family trouble and i pray repentance and for him to come to you and back to his family again i pray for a miracle for him and for diane the mother too God i pray for christian friends for adrian God i pray all of this in JESUS name amen i am praying for you all diane from sharon

  • Malou says:

    Dear Heavenly Father I want to thank you for my two beautiful children Kyle Krishian and kristine kaye and how you had guided me to be a good Mom for them. It might not enough since I left them for working abroad. This I have done because of my love and dreams for them. I raised them all alone and now thankful that their father helped me raising them both. I do not know If I need to be thankful to SENDONG typhoon. A reason my children was with him safe and well cared. Thank you God, I am knowing that there were things happens for a reason. God thank you of how sometimes I cried with my eldest son kyle for sometimes I forget that He already grown up and I was thinking and treating him liked a child. Sometimes kyle hurting m thru his words. I know I understand I am not perfect Mom but gave more strength God, More tolerance…I know loved was there but I needed them both to let me feel that I am loved and appreciated despite for me being away to them. Thank you for giving me my Kristine kaye…she loved me so dearly I am praying she will not change but to grow up more with love and goodness. Dear God I know I am not perfect but I want the best for all my children and you are the only one who can guide them in the right direction keep them from all evil and do not lead them to temptation you are our rock and salvation in Jesus name,amen.

  • Theresa parrish says:

    Dear Heavenly Father I want to thank you for my three beautiful children and how you had guided my husband and I raising them and how sometimes I give my oldest daughter Tina Parrish advice and she just turns the other way now lord I know I am not perfect but I want the best for all my children and you are the only one who can guide them in the right direction keep them from all evil and do not lead them to temptation you are our rock and salvation in Jesus name,amen

  • Diane says:

    Dear Lord, please protect my son Adrian from all the evil of this world. He is not being obedient, he is 20 yers old not working and not in school, running my house, stealing, lying, running the street and lord knows whatever. I worry about him and pray everyday, so much I cannot concentrate on my highschool kids, Please help me to cope with this lord

  • Barbara Alpert Barbara Alpert says:

    Father God,

    I humbly come in agreement with Dawn and Elise in petitioning their prayers to You on behalf of their children. In accordance with Your Word I ask that You place a hedge of protection around Dawns children and Haneef, protecting them from following the ways of this world and the enemy that comes to steal, kill, and destroy. I ask that You would protect these children and that Your Spirit would redirect them back to Your loving arms of mercy, grace and unconditional love. I pray that Elsie and Dawn would find peace in their hearts as they trust in You in helping their precious children. May they rest assure that You have a watchful eye on their children and that You will not give up on them no matter where they are in life. May You break all bonds of addictions and all other forms of rebellion. May You rescue them from the destructive paths they are currently traveling on. I ask that You place godly people in their lives that will be of great help and influence…leading them back to a better path of living. We thank You, Lord, for the wonderful things that You are going to do in rescuing, saving, and restoring these precious lives. We know that the battle belongs to You, O God, may victory come to be in their lives. Father God, thank You for giving Dawn an opportunity to work. May she be able to start this new job sooner than she had expected. May all glory, honor and praise go to You, O Lord, for the wonderful things You are doing and about to do in all their lives.

    In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen

  • dawn says:

    Dear father, please protect my children from the evil ways of the world, and satan himself. I am away from my family right now, and my children are all on drugs. I am having a very hard time dealing with this.. Please give me strength, to deal with this.. please pray that I start this new job as soon as possible.. in jesus Christ name, amen.

  • elise says:

    lord forgive haneef of his mistakes and help him lord

  • elise says:

    I ask that you pray for my son haneef molley he is away now but i miss him so much i pray every single day for him i know he will be ok god will see him though i just need him to believe

  • Sharon says:

    dear bong– father God i do agree with bong with this prayer nong prayed i do pray for patience as bong raises this child in your glory God i pray that you will answer all of bongs requests i pray all of this in JESUS name amen i am praying for you

  • Bong says:

    I pray, dear Lord, for me and my son. Give me patience and courage to raise a difficult child in challenging environments. Help us focus on what is right and what is good, and to follow God’s word. Allow us to see each day’s blessings and to be diligent in battling life’s difficulties.

  • Kate says:

    Heavenly Father, I join with Lou, Diana, Sammy and Remona in their prayers. We are grateful to bring our petitions before You and trust that You hear us. Help us Lord to continue to believe that You are good, even when things are not going well and we feel disappointed. Increase our faith, help us to live with hopeful expectation of the ways You will work things for good. We want to be thrilled by all You do for us. Open the eyes of our hearts to see Your hand of mercy and grace moving in our families and in our circumstances. Lord, You know all our hearts. Guard us from depression, anger and impatience. We long to be filled with Your Spirit, to be made more like Your Son, our Lord Jesus. For Your glory Father. Amen.

  • Lou says:

    Dear Lord,
    I ask in prayer for my 11 year old to find true friends in life and school and to find his way to your house. HeHas been damaged emotionally from being bullied and help him overcome this and bless him with kind friend

  • diana ganotisi says:

    please pray for my child for he was addicted with computer games. he has changed his attitud and never join us in our meals, in going to church. im asking for your help to please pray him to change

  • Sammy says:

    Iask for prayer for my grown daughter that has been afflicted by drugs,and had her 3 babies taken away from her. She need a true spiritual person to come along her path that has been in her situation and has overcome what she’s going through.

  • remona says:

    In the name of Jesus i continue to pray for my 9yr old daughter isabella galea i pray favor, Gods love through new friends that i pray God will provide, she has changed schools due to bullying, please pray healing and blessings. For new divine connections positive loving influences and wisdom from learning disability ( speech therapy is helping). Thankyou her mum remlna

  • Sharon says:

    to dee dee prayer–father God i pray right now for dee dee and for her two girls i pray for this one to know this relationship she has is from God i pray that you will have dreams and visions of this relationship is from you God and for the other girl that you will lead her to a Godly man of your chosing God lead her and give her dreams and visions also of a man for her bless this mother and i pray for confirmation for her that you do all things right and these girls you are in control of this too, you love dee dee adn her girls i pray all of this in JESUS name amen i am praying for you and your girls God be with you at this time

  • DeeDee says:

    Please pray for both of my daughters and their relationships! My prayer is for one to realize that her current relationship is of God! My prayer for my other daughter is for God to guide her to a Christian man! Thanks for believing and praying with me for my girls!

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