Jesus is for EveryoneVideo provided by: TruthMedia Films

Written by Tia Glenn-Cooke

Jesus Christ.

As Christians we know there is power in His name; in fact, we define ourselves by it. 

We open and close every prayer with His name, knowing that it will be heard by our Father.

We take care not to use it in vain, to say His name with reverence.

But come December, it can slip our minds that “His name prefixes Christmas,” that His name is what gives “the most wonderful time of the year its reason to be wonderful.”

This year, we want to rediscover Christmas, and to rediscover the power of Christ. Will you join us?

If you want to help others discover Christ, become a mentor.


3 Responses to “Jesus is for Everyone”

  • M. Jantzen says:

    Hello B. Miller. Thanks so much for sharing some of your testimony. I’m sure many people are experiencing what you were going through. Take care!

  • B. Miller says:

    Truly, this is a great video! I believe it really, really makes one stop and ask, “Have I been giving Jesus the attention, the meaning, the value, the REAL worth that He deserves?”

    For many years, I brushed Christ off in my anger and negativity toward life, blaming Him for my pain and refusing to take responsibility for the problems I was experiencing. All along, of course, I was blocking out the Truth that Jesus was my Solution, not my problem. Praise be to God that He shone His Light into my life and for the prayers of many who were desiring that I would finally wake up to the Truth that He is Lord! It is my absolute belief that there is no greater Love, no greater Joy, no greater Peace than that of knowing Jesus Christ in intimate, personal relationship through experiencing His life-transforming power by asking and receiving Him into my heart by faith! May praise be to His holy Name forever! Amen.

  • Betty says:


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