What does God say about animals?

Written by M. Larson

godanimalsI am a 28-year -old with a B.A. in Biology. I have always loved animals and recently have I started pursuing a career working with animals. In my free time, I volunteer at our local animal shelter and zoo. However, sometimes I feel guilty about doing this, knowing that there are people out there that I could be volunteering to help instead.

My boyfriend says that animals are “stupid.” and I can tell he thinks I am wasting my time. What does God say about His animals? Is what I am doing worthwhile? Please help me. Are there any particular verses or books that I can read to help guide me?

Advice: What does God say about His animals? Well, many of His very special people in the Old Testament were shepherds: Abel, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and David. Moses was a shepherd for forty years. A number of David’s inspired psalms were composed as he watched his father’s sheep and worshipped God.

God made animals; He gave special animals to Adam to keep him company in the Garden of Eden. He had Noah save two of every kind of animal on his ark during the great flood. Jesus said that not a sparrow falls to the ground apart from the will of His Father. And the psalmist said that the various creatures look to God for their food.

Working with animals is obviously your calling; and while serving as a volunteer at an animal shelter and zoo, you are learning more about your chosen field and adding to your resume.

Certainly, of course, we should use whatever gifts the Lord has given us to serve Him in His body, the church. We can usually do that on Sunday: teach Sunday school, sing in the choir, encourage fellow Christians. And also we can always be a testimony for Him to others during the week. For our Lord should be first in our lives. However, most people work at secular jobs and careers, hopefully doing what they like to do.

Since you are pursuing a career working in animals and your boyfriend says animals are stupid and thinks you’re wasting time, you might consider looking for a honey who will be more compatible!

Best wishes! Dr. Muriel

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  • Bill says:

    The more time I spend around people, the closer I am to animals. My advice is…..
    FOLLOW YOUR HEART!!!!! Everything else is secondary. The animals you care for are grateful. I am grateful because of people like you.!!! Please,,,, continue in the direction your heart tells you to go!!!!!

  • Barbara Alpert Barbara Alpert says:

    Hi Russ, thanks for leaving a comment. You mentioned, “if you believe in god, he knows your choice.” Do you believe in God? Also, you said, “at least they don’t do things they know are wrong like stupid people, who the planet would be better off without.” Sounds like perhaps you’ve might have been hurt by someone or they have disappointed you. I know before I became a Believer in the Lord I was very upset and angry with many people and society as a whole. But once I invited Jesus into my heart that all changed. Now, my compassion for others exist because God is a compassionate God who cares about the hurting, the lost, the crushed in Spirit. How about you?

  • russ says:

    free will. do what you feel you need to do for yourself as long it’s not hurting anyone.if you believe in god,he knows your choice. as animals being stupid. they are simply ignorant {not knowing}. at least they don’t do things they know are wrong like stupid people,who the planet would be better off without. and as far as being meant for food and material things, then why were they created before man?
    they are all beautiful.

  • Shelley says:

    Dear Thelma; I pray that the Lord our God will bless you with your gift to Him and others, in Jesus name Amen

  • thelma says:

    Dear readers, I love animals for as long as I can remeber. I care for abused,abandoned, and sick animals. I believe that it is my calling.

  • Sharon says:

    good article thank you for posting this

  • Cathy says:

    Hi, I have a love for animals. I certainly did not decide one day to love them; this was innate. As far back as I can remember, animals and insects and other creatures fascinated me. While other children were playing games, I was building colonies for ants (as much a 5 year old can build). I’m still in love with animals and wish I would’ve followed my heart to work with them. I work with people and while my career is important, it’s not what I should be doing.
    I feel that God puts different desires in us. He needs people to take care of the animals.
    My suggestion to you is to pray about it: ask The Lord to lead you where He wants you.

  • Shelley says:

    God created the animal for companion and food for us, as part of His creation. He also provided animals for clothing for us to wear to keep us warm. If you want you pursue in animals that is okay.

  • Paul says:

    Dear Clare,
    Thank you for your responses. I thought this site was great for there are many people who are confused, have misconceptions /misunderstandings of the Bible, or simply curious as to their next step.

    These comments were just my opinion on what was said on the article. I am not doubting Yours or Dr. Muriel’s faith or belief.
    But, based on both your answers, It seems to me, you have been offended or taken my comment negatively than intended.
    I recently found about this website, but feel a very negative tone from your answers, and your last comment, not being a clear reasoning, rather mere disagreement, I would rather leave your online project alone. A negative encounter with an Admin is never a pleasing experience, and something myself or the readers would like to avoid. So I do apologize for any disturbance I have caused in your website.


  • Paul says:

    “you might consider looking for a honey who will be more compatible!”

    Is this an advice for someone because of one ignorant comment? Are we not to give anyone a chance for change?
    Serious or not, based on one comment, I don’t think that was the best advice for a relationship.

  • Jamie Jamie says:

    So Paul how would you respond to this question?

  • Claire Colvin Claire Colvin says:

    Paul, I brought up all those other professions because you wrote, “There are so many people dying in this world, whether it be from hunger or simply people who cannot get the right treatments and services. You are going to encourage someone to keep serving animals? Are animals more important than human? or are they any close to being equal?” So from your own statement it seemed like you were saying that there is no value in other professions so long as there as hurting people in the world and I disagree with that. Perhaps what you meant was that specifically someone with medical training should not bother caring for animals when there are sick people in the world, but I disagree with that also.

  • Paul says:

    “Jesus said that not a sparrow falls to the ground apart from the will of His Father”
    Does this verse relate to what the person is asking?
    Please do not compare something that does not relate to the point.
    If a person is dying from sickness, and one does not attempt to give treatments
    but an animal is also dying from sickness, and one is treating them to live longer?

    If someone was blessed with the wisdom to become a lawyer. Should the lawyer fight for evil simply for money and fame? Answer is obviously No, one should fight for the good, to protect the innocent for the glory for God, no?
    But in your logic, should the lawyer go out and help the sick in third world countries? Obviously, one cannot, for one does not have the knowledge to help in that field.
    For what reason are you comparing a Grocery Store Manager to a Vet? are you simply comparing random careers to defend your logic? and you are to say my critique is baseless?

    I don’t mean to start an argument, nor a debate.
    Please do not take this offensively. If I have offended your colleague or yourself in any way, I do apologize.


  • Claire Colvin Claire Colvin says:

    Hello Paul, Dr. Muriel passed away a year ago so I thought I’d respond to your comment. Dr. Muriel was a woman who studied the Bible prodigiously her entire life and I can assure you that she has never cherry picked verses to make the Bible say what she wants it to. She does not quote a single Bible verse in this answer, so where does your accusation come from?

    As for whether or not it is appropriate to encourage someone to pursue a career working with animals, I find your logic flawed. Yes, there are people dying in the world, but if every single person (yourself included) gave up their current occupation and went to care for the sick how long would it be before things fell apart? How would we feed the sick if all the grocery store managers left their jobs? How would ambulances get to the sick if road work crew no longer existed and there were no police men. How would the charitable contributions get to the sick if all the bankers quit? It’s false logic to assume that the answer to a grieving world is for everyone to rush directly toward the need. Infrastructure is vital.

    Dr. Muriel does not say that we only serve God in Sundays. She’s quite clear when she wrote, “And also we can always be a testimony for Him to others during the week.”

    You asked Dr. Muriel to please be careful with what she says and what advice she gives. I would ask the same of you. Before you list off accusations, please be careful to read what you are reacting to and temper them accordingly. I do not have an issue with critiquing an article, but I do take issue with accusations that are baseless.

  • PauL says:

    Dr. Muriel,

    do not pick and choose the verses in the Bible to benefit an answer for a questions. If you do, the Bible will have different meanings than what it should be.
    Animals are for human. Do you know what a shepherd is? Do shepherd serve animals?
    There are so many people dying in this world, whether it be from hunger or simply people who cannot get the right treatments and services. You are going to encourage someone to keep serving animals? Are animals more important than human? or are they any close to being equal?
    Also you mentioned, we do God’s work on Sundays? I hope you are not serious.
    Us human are here on earth to serve and worship God, and not JUST on a Sunday but our whole lives, every single day, and every single moment.

    Please be careful with what you say and what advice you give.


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