I am bored with my life

Written by M. Larson

boredI am 40 years old and have five children and a grandson whose ages range from 2 to 21. My husband is seven years younger than me. This is his first marriage, but my third marriage. I have been a Christian for four years. I feel like I am in a rut. I don’t know what comes next in life. I feel as if all I do is work, cook and sleep. Basically, that’s all I do for lack of time (or so it seems). I don’t have hobbies, don’t know what I’d like to do and have no girlfriends. We don’t have any Christian couple friends either. I just don’t know what to do with my life right now. I’m bored and busy at the same time. I don’t know who I am anymore and I don’t know how to find out. Any suggestions?

Advice: You’ve got to get out of yourself and the grind you are in. Are you serving the Lord in your church in some way? I suggest that you join the choir and the women’s Sunday school class and start getting acquainted with other women.

When you find someone you like, perhaps someone with children the age of yours, suggest that you go out for a picnic at a park where there’s a playground. Having social times together is a good way for people to get acquainted and make friends.

I also suggest that you rededicate your life to the Lord so that He can guide you into His wonderful way of life. Personally I have found that serving the Lord is an absolutely wonderful way of life!

In His love, Dr. Muriel

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  • Anil Gupta says:

    hello guys….i am anil from india and i am also suffering from same feeling and i am also bored with my life and i think anly thing that will make us happy or want to live aur life when we fall in love do u know i was in 10th class and i liked one girle and she was in 9th class at that time i never talked to her ever in my life but in hope that i will talk to her one day i have spend my 3 years and then also i was unable to talk to her and i am so gulti that i dint talk to har and now there is no enjoyment in my life but when i think about that girl i feel chearup…hope i will meet her again in my life.

  • Jamie Jamie says:

    I understand why you would say that Andy because there are many people who get confused between ‘religion’ and what God truly is calling us to which is a relationship with Him. It is not just about going to heaven–Jesus said that eternal life is knowing God; to be in relationship with Him. That is the present reality for every follower of Jesus as well as the future hope of heaven. So my day is filled with an awareness of the presence of God and His leading me. I see Him changing who I am so that I am no longer driven by my own pride and selfishness but I am guided by His love to serve the needs of the world around me.

    So what has convinced you that God is a mythical figure?

  • Andy says:

    I have to agree with Chris, why is religion the answer. As the poor girl hasn’t got enough to do, so now has to fill what little time she has ‘serving’ some mythical figure! Religion is such a self centred activity anyway, give your self to god and you will go to heaven. The Catholic Church is the most successful business the world has ever known., don’t be fooled by the keeping faith and the fear of going to hell, these are are the oldest tricks in the book to make people comply.

    My advice is this. What is making you unhappy is the feeling that you do not have any control over your destiny. Start by thinking of something you want to accomplish and then make plans of how your going do it. As others have already said, get help from your family to make more time for yourself and start making those plans happen.

  • Jamie Jamie says:

    Hi Chris, you seem to have a lot of confidence in your position that God does not exist. Why are you so certain of that? Have you been able to prove that God does not exist or have you just failed to be convinced that He does exist?

    And your advice to party hard seems somewhat short-sighted. While it may be true that in the moment pursuing pleasure may bring a sense of excitement, I think most people recognize that it is not something that brings lasting joy. That kind of lifestyle has a devastating effect on long-term, committed, satisfying relationships and can leave a person lonely and empty. Have you found that pursuit to bring long-lasting joy, meaning and value to your life?

  • Hey Chris, thanks for taking the time to fill out the comment, I’m not sure how you ended up on this article though. Most people end up on this article because they search Google with the phrase “I am bored with my life.”

    Are you bored? The party lifestyle isn’t meeting your cravings for initimacy and meaning?

    There is a reason that people turn to God when they realize that everything that society claims will make them happy doesn’t.

    Anyways, thanks for stopping by. We’ll be here when you need us too.

  • Chris says:

    You bible thumping loonies need to bugger off and stop spouting your trash. There is no God DEAL WITH IT! Give this lady worthwhile advice not your deluded religion crap for clinically insane people.

    Here’s my advice lady. Save your money and book a ticket to one of the party capitals of the world with some friends. Party harder than you have ever done and do everything you missed out on in your youth. Remember to take precautions though do some research before stay safe and have fun! May you find happiness my friend.

  • sharon says:

    you poor luv. You are miserable and it needs to stop. Pay someone to clean the house, get your children and your hubbie to start earning their keep around the house, get some friends and GO OUT! You can’t be bugged by kids if you’re not there. Its essential you get something else in your life instead of domestic drugery. Get a hobby, join a club and get out there and make friends and keep regular visits with them, its work I know but you’ll have more energy. It the drudgery that’s making you dull. A 21 y/old can look after themselves for goodness sake! Volunteer, travel. So many things you can do. Don’t let your orbituary say “she worked all her life, never saw anything, never did anything but her house was spotless”. Your children will eventually leave, don’t expect them to be your entertainment.

  • Sharon says:

    thank you haloo for the encouragement life can be wondrful if we see that way

  • halooo says:

    Life is wonderful. What ever kind of activities including work and others that you are engaged in ,life is a sort of circular phenomenon, that you will get bored sooner or later. Wondering to new spheres of life might free u from such depressions. The good lesson that i have learned in life is that i should not expect life to be pleasing every time i want it to be. I should feel like a tourist who is wondering to new places, yes i am a tourist for this planet, as some people say everyday is a gift from God.

  • Doris Beck Doris says:

    Gul, you say that you are getting bored and are not satisfied with your life. What is it that you are craving? May I suggest that you watch this video, http://powertochange.com/itv/spirituality/crave-the-documentary/ ?

    All of us have cravings in our life that can only be satisfied by the Creator Himself who created us. As long as you do not have a personal relationship with Him, you will not be satisfied with your life. Please take the time to watch this video and consider what your next steps might be. Having a personal relationship with God through His son, Jesus Christ, has given my life meaning…I know that it can do the same for you.

  • Gul Alvi says:

    i am getting bored…i am not satisfied with my life..i am a student, my age is about 20,…actually i have fall in love…ago someone have love me but i did not give her time and….when i realized it ..she left me alone..now she does not want my company…
    i have some friends but does not feel well…i need her…
    please suggest me ..what i can do…? my life is full of darkness…lonely.

  • Jamie Jamie says:

    Hi Mihin, depression is terrible thing to deal with. How long have you been feeling this way? Has there been anything that has happened to you that has contributed to your depression?

  • mihin says:

    i m an engineer. i have government job. i get enough salery. but there is something that always depressing me . i dont no what it is.i dont know why this happen to me. i become so lazy. i dont like anything. since some time my behavior is totally negative. i dont understand what to do. my mind just hang up. i am doing this job just because i want to help my family. plz suggest me something as soon as possible ho to get over from it

  • Sharon says:

    good article but i feel like this sometimes because i want to help people, i feel this is my gift and its not happening

  • Julie8 says:

    I know this submission is old, but I still wanted to suggest an idea.

    You say you do not have enough time, and all you do is cook, work and sleep.
    If you have a husband and childrenover the age of 15 (you said at least one is 21) there is no reason they cannot help out with the cooking!

    Chores for kids isn’t a bad idea at all. I would discuss things with your husband, and tell him that you just need more evenings to relax, because you are feeling drained. If everyone can chip in, you can all take turns cooking dinner each night. One night you, one night your husband, one night you 21 year old (if they’re still at home) the next night another child. And maybe on Fridays have delivery night (if money allows). Each week a different theme (italian = pizza friday, asian = chinese food friday, etc.)

    Try and turn it into a fun chore. Lay down rules (no ice cream for dinner, etc.), but tell the kids they can have fun witht their meal plans. If they want to subject everyone to Ramen noodle night, or Mac & cheese + hot dogs night, then they’re in their right to do so!

    It will be a good learning experience for them anyways. You wouldn’t believe how many young adults leave the nest, and never learned how to cook for themselves! The boys can learn recipes to woo their future girlfriends (since women love a man who can cook).

    Believe me, I know what you’re feeling. I come home exhausted every night from work. And sometimes all I have energy to cook is a microwavable meal! You need time to sit down and unwind some days.

    I hope that this can help alleviate some of your stress.

  • Lisa says:

    Alot of things can be at play in our life to make us feel that we’re in a rut – not taking care of ourselves physically, lack of support, our emotions can be out of wack. God promises to give us a fulfilling life and to give us the desires of our hearts, but if we’re not daily feeding ourselves spiritually from His word, then we are going to be malnurished spiritually – make sense? So, and I’m preaching to myself here, the best place to start is by reading your Bible daily and seeking Him in all you’re doing and asking Him for direction. I would suggest that you start to take baby steps in exploring those things that appeal to you. I wouldn’t make big changes until you are in a better place emotionally, just start off small. It could be, too, that all you need is a simple vacation. Emotions are contagious and if you’re not in a good place, that will affect the relationships around you. Now the tempatation is to read this and then go back to the same rut again, but you must start TODAY!! Just start making a list of micro goals and then work up to macro goals you want to accomplish. I admire your dedication to your family and they are blessed to have you as a mother.

  • Ahmed says:

    we always heard about some one who creates Accomplishment from something other people did not give it # Attention
    may this your moment to do it
    N.B . always be the Judge because this your live you are the one who win or lose


  • Katrina says:

    How do you know what to do with your life when you’ve never had aspirations. There was never anything I wanted to grow up to be. When I was 11 both of my siblings left for college and my parents divorced. Since then I have spent all my time trying to keep my family together despite the distance and hate. I am now 33 and the family is what it is, we are all grown up now. Both of my siblings have gone on to get married and have kids. I feel as thought I grew up fast and at some point I stopped. I feel like I lived a better life when I was in my 20’s then I am now. I guess that is to say I feel like I’m going backwards. I know the answer is find what you love to do and do it, but how do you figure out what that thing is? I just feel so hopeless sometimes. Are there any exercises I can do to shake off the feeling sorry for my self’s?

  • Hi, Daryl–Well, how about making your life count for God and other people who need help and encouragement? That’s what I do with my talent and training. I became affiliated with this mission nine years ago, and ever since, as “Dr. Muriel” I have had the rewarding privilege of counseling troubled hurting people all over the world for these Truth Media e-zines.
    (This is a mission, so I do this for free.) And for years I have written helpful articles for publication in print and on the net. I can tell you that there is nothing more rewarding than serving God and others! And the Lord leads me in everything I do. You don’t know what to do? Well, get a relationship with God, and He will open the door for you as He did for me.
    This website can help you have a wonderful relationship with God: http://powertochange.com/discover/faith/discoverpurpose/
    Peace, purpose, and joy in the Lord!

  • Daryl Jenkinson says:

    I feel like I’ve accomplished everything in life that I’ve had to – done well at school and now have a professional career, always did well at sports, had great friends growing up. Now what? What is there for me to do next besides coming to work everyday and doing the same thing for the next 35 years??? Please help. And help fast!

  • spongebob hemp pants says:

    thats not cool chill

  • spongebob hemp pants says: “Don’t give a f___ what other people think.”

    Great advice! I’ll start by not caring what you think. ;)

  • spongebob hemp pants says:

    Smoke herb. keep it simple. Live one day at a time. Take it in small steps and it will eventually grow. Find something nice like beading or watching your kids play a sport and play a game with them. Do something fun and exciting with your husband like go to an exotic place to eat or something. Spice your life up. Ignore the so called “stresses” and live your life. Don’t give a fuck what other people think. It may take a while but eventually you’ll see you need to do things for yourself and everything else will fall into place.

  • Dawn says:

    Wow what rude people they really don’t know do they Muriel. God will not be mocked, fear God and keep his commandments.

  • Obviously you guys would not qualify as sympathetic and helpful counselors. When someone is feeling down, you don’t jump on the person with two feet and stomp on her/him! Neither will you give the person advice to get into further trouble.
    And David, when I point to Jesus Christ as the answer to people’s problems, I’m not talking about religion. I’m talking to them about a personal relationship they can have with God through receiving Jesus Christ as their Savior.
    I challenge you to read the first three chapters in the Gospel of John in the Bible with an open mind. Dr. Muriel

  • helpfulharry says:

    youre a lunatic – its obvious since you lurch from man to man looking for a bigger better deal breeding with anyone horny enough to mount you or just because you need a change.. perhaps you should try prostitution as you seem to have the skills though at your age your probably getting long in the tooth?
    Maybe you can start a Blowjob School and teach other sluts to suck like you do?

  • David says:

    Ok, I think I am going to smack some sense into you. First off, do NOT resubmit yourself to the Lord, or Allah, or Buddha, or any other deity. Religion is a huge scape goat full of disingenuous happiness. And if you have been a Christian for 4 years and you are feeling this way, then you are living proof that my statement is true. It sounds like you need to do two things. First, see your doctor or psychotherapist in regards to depression. Second, find something to do , that when you are doing it you lose all track of time. If there is nothing, FIND IT. Do something about it. Research, experiment, make time for yourself to try out different activities. Its going to be extremely difficult since you chose to have so many children. Frankly, you shot yourself in the foot with having kids….many of them. There are too many people on this God Damn planet to begin with, and you have made it more difficult. So do yourself a favor, DON’T shoot yourself in the foot again. Make time for YOU. Its like going into MCDonalds and ordering the same frig’n Big Mac every time, then wondering why your bored with the same meal. Christ, there’s other stuff on the menu! Make it a point to go into that McDonalds a.k.a. make time for yourself, and try a different meal every time a.k.a. try sewing, try art, try hang gliding, try porn, try industrial design, try welding, try emergency service, try music, try babysitting a one eyed albino frog……anything….it doesn’t matter, as long as you are happy. Religion makes SOME people happy, and i think that some is very small and its for people who are very simplistic in their mental structure. Know what I mean? Just find something that works for you WITH OUT the restrictions of having a “Godly approval”. God does nto change your life, you change your life……free will….. right?

  • sam says:

    i am goin 2 commit suicide help me plox!

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