My sister-in-law is always competing with me

Written by M. Larson

competitionI’m 33 years old and have always had a strong relationship with Christ. I try my best to humbly live for Him. But whenever I’m around my sister-in-law, the worst in me comes out! I’ve never been a competitve person, but she and I happen to have similar fashion styles.

She’s been asking me where I bought this or that. In kindness I would tell her, only to find that the very next day she would go out and purchase the exact same item of clothing!! Whenever we go to family gatherings, she looks me up and down even staring at my purse sometimes!

At first I tried not to let this bother me, but suddenly it’s eating me up! I’m now feeling competitive and get urges to “out do” her with a piece of clothing I know she’ll want. This is horrible!! I feel nothing of the sort with any other woman. In all other aspects of my life it is easy to find Christ. But here, it just feels horribly wrong. I am not materialistic and don’t put heavy worth on my clothes except when she’s around!

Advice: The devil gets us tied all in knots about little things – and I suspect that’s where he’s got you now. So first advice – draw near to God and resist the devil, and he will flee from you. If any thoughts enter your head concerning this matter, immediately draw an X on them and think of something else.

A saying goes, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” If you will take what your sister-in-law is doing in that light, you may feel better about it! She obviously thinks you are so cool and well-dressed that she follows in your footsteps. It may not be so much competition as such as it is her desire to be like you.

My suggestion is that if you see your sister-in-law wearing a dress similar to yours, compliment her on well it looks on her. Thus you will be doing the Christian thing in this matter and it will make you feel better about the whole thing.

In Christ’s love, Dr. Muriel

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