Dry-Eye and God’s Guidance

Written by M. Larson

life_dryeyeOne morning I awoke to find my eyes glued shut!  It was scary! I tried and tried to open them – and when I succeeded, the pain was excruciating! What in the world is wrong? I wondered.  After several days of this, I discovered that if I slowly pushed up the lids, it didn’t hurt as much.

I mentioned my problem to my neighbor, Evelyn.  “Oh, you have dry-eye,” she exclaimed.  “I have that problem too!”

“Well, what do you do about it?”

“My opthmatologist advised me that I could get some ointment at a pharmacy,” she answered.  “By applying it each night to my lids, my eyes don’t get stuck together at night.”

So I got the ointment and applied it to my lids, and it worked.

Several weeks later, when I took my mother to see her opthalmologist, I asked him about dry-eye.  He said, “Oh, a lot of my patients complain about that!”

When I asked him about a cure, he said there was none. Since I suspected that dry-eye might harm my eyesight, I looked through the indexes of several of my medical and self-help health books, but couldn’t find the term “dry-eye.”

“Oh, Lord, please help me!” I exclaimed. As I prayed, I felt led to look through all of my books and finally found one that had “dry-eye” listed.  Thus I discovered the medical term for it: xerophthalmia.  One 55-year-old book I had said it was “a disease in which a severe dryness of the eye occurs, resulting from a deficiency of vitamin A.  Permanent blindness may result in the advanced stages of this disease if it is not promptly and properly treated.”  I was right!  It was harmful indeed!

The book recommended taking Vitamin A for a cure. A more recently published book I had on vitamins confirmed this.  Why doesn’t Mom’s opthalmologist know this? I wondered.

I had been taking some Vitamin A each day; but I started taking a 10,000-unit capsule daily, which my vitamin book said was safe.  I also felt led to begin drinking more water.  In two weeks my xerophthalmia cleared up; also my sensitivity to bright sunlight disappeared and my night vision for driving improved!  I told my neighbor about this; she started taking Vitamin A and her xerophthalmia cleared up also.

The next time I took my mother to her opthalmologist, I told him about our cure and held out to him copies of the literature.  He refused them; he wasn’t interested.

So now I have been free of dry-eye for ten years, and my eyes are in good condition; and I praise the Lord that He is the great Physician and I can go to Him for answers when I need them!

Psalm 48:14 says, “For this God is our God for ever and ever; he will be our guide even unto death.”

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  • MJ says:

    Dry eye is caused by a lot of issues and not just a lack of Vitamin A. The author may be referring to a specific condition. Consult your ophthalmologist before taking that high a dosage, toxicity levels can be reached fairly quickly.

  • Val says:

    Does this really work vitamin A and lots of water for dry eye? I would like to chat to the person that wrote this. I would really like her opinion? Thxs Val

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