I am having bad dreams about my ex-husband

Written by M. Larson

baddreamsI often dream about my ex-husband who left over 10 years ago, and sometimes my first child’s father. Usually, I am being rejected, cheated on or somehow reunited. I have not had any relationship since my husband. I am a Christian and I am tired of the hurtful dreams. What do they mean? What can I do? I don’t want to dream about them anymore.

Advice: It sounds to me as if some part of you is hanging on to the past in some way. The rejection and cheating probably hurt you badly and undermined your self-estimate. The dream of being reunited with one of these probably not-so-winning men may be a sub-conscious desire for vindication of yourself as a woman.

When I had a recurring frustrating dream about not being able to do something I enjoyed in my childhood, I asked the Lord to reveal to me why I was having this dream. Then it came to me: I lived in a trouble-filled life from which I felt there was no escape, so I wanted to go back to my carefree childhood days. But I couldn’t go back. After I realized that, I never had that dream again.

Close the door on the past. First, forgive those two rascals for how they hurt you. Then realize that as a child of God, you are a child of the King: a princess! To the Lord you are a person of great worth. He would never hurt or let you down. So rejoice in that.

If you dedicate your life to the Lord, you will be filled with His love, peace, and joy, and past hurts will be banished.

I am praying for you. Dr. Muriel

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