How can I be a spiritual helpmate to my husband?

Written by M. Larson

spiritualhelpHow can I be a spiritual helpmate to my unsaved husband? He says he believes in God, and that Christ died for his sins. He even participates in Biblical conversations with my saved family. But when he’s with unsaved friends, he jokes about hell and how he’s going there. He doesn’t see anything wrong with sex in movies, doesn’t attend church because of the “hypocrites”, calls himself a pagan, and then comes home and prays to the God of the Bible over dinner time.

How can I encourage him to grow spiritually without his building up a high wall of defense? And also, how can I help myself from falling into the side of things that do not help my husband spiritually?

Advice: Your husband sounds something like my father used to be before he came to Christ. He just wanted people to accept him. My husband and I took Dad and Mom to an evangelistic meeting at our church one Sunday. He started crying and as soon as the invitation to receive Christ was given, he ran down the aisle to receive Christ. Mom followed him and rededicated her life to Christ. Dad was 52 years old when he was saved — and he lived his remaining 26 years for his beloved Lord — no longer a double-minded man.

Your husband is an unsaved man, so don’t expect him to be consistent or to have the same principles you have. Refrain from chiding him. Live our loving Christ before him, showing him Christian love in action. Ask the Lord to guide you, to help him see Christ in you. Ask your friends to pray for his salvation, and some day it might happen that he will be in a place where he will come to Christ.

Invite your husband to Journey of Joy, a web site on Bill Bright’s four spiritual laws (salvation message) and an invitation to receive Christ.

In Christ’s love,
Dr. Muriel

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