How much physical affection is appropriate?

Written by M. Larson

datingtouchI was baptized three years ago and have not dated since my baptism. Recently I met a Christian man and have been spending time with him. I do not know how to handle the chemistry between us. I enjoy the kisses, hugs and petting. At what point is this sinful and detrimental to the growth of the relationship? I am naturally affectionate and would like advice on maintaining a healthy Christian relationship.

Advice: I commend you on your desire to do what is right in your relationship with this man. It is wise for you to want to maintain a healthy Christian relationship. And it’s natural for you to enjoy kisses, hugs and petting – BUT (and I think you’ve already realized the “but”!) doing such things can lead to temptation to go further.

Second Timothy 2:22 tells us to flee from the evil desires of youth, and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace. We have an enemy, Satan, who can trip us up and lead us into sinful practices if we’re not careful. So it’s good for us to realize if we’re headed that way. (The old devil knows our weaknesses!)

So I’d suggest that you keep your affection limited to hand-holding and perhaps a good night kiss – and lay off the petting. You can do all you want of that when you have a wedding ring on your finger!

May our dear Lord be with you and guide you in His way.

Dr. Muriel

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