How can I help my sexually abused friend?

Written by M. Larson

sexabuseI  have a friend who was sexually abused when she was a child. She only told me recently and the truth of it didn’t really hit me until I slept over at her house. I saw her when she was having one of her nightmares. We talked about it, but she keeps insisting that she’s ok. I don’t know if she’s in denial but I really want to help her. One more thing is that she used to do drugs and now she stopped. She’s having withdrawal syndrome. She has cravings and it’s really hard for her. Please give me some advice on how to handle this.

Advice: Your friend definitely needs professional help to overcome the damage done to her by the sexual abuse as a child. Tell her that if she gets help for that, she might find it easier to overcome the cravings for the drugs, and she might be happier in her life.

Two of my articles might also help her:

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It might also help her for her to make sure of her salvation.

May the Lord help you to help your friend–and may He be with her and heal her too.

In Christ’s love, Dr. Muriel

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