My husband picks fights with me about my beliefs

Written by M. Larson

husbandnofaithI have been a Christian my whole life. In the past two years, I have become closer to God than I have ever been due to a hardship in my life. However, my husband, who used to believe in God, now proclaims to not believe in God and tries to pick fights with me about my beliefs. I have asked God for his help, but my husband seems to be getting worse. He now listens to very terrible music and watches bad shows. Please help me. I love him and have been married to him for 10 years.

Advice: Why not do as I did when someone debated with me concerning my faith in God and His Word? Consider it a golden opportunity to witness to your husband! Avoid being confrontational, speak pleasantly and calmly, don’t overtly reject what he says, but come back with something the Scriptures say.

If he seems to be getting angry, just smile and pat his shoulder and say, “Well, honey, I don’t want to upset you, so let’s talk about something else – like how was your day?” Look to the Holy Spirit for guidance and wisdom in answering your husband and live Christ before him (1 Corinthians 7:16).

If your husband comes to know Christ, his tastes will change! I’m praying for you both. May the Lord lead you.

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  • OMG says:

    Well, that is just about the worst advice I have ever heard. Smug superiority is not Christianity. I will pray for YOU!

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