There’s Healing and Hope for the Weary

Written by Jayne Thurber-Smith

sexlove_pamthumNine years ago, Pam Thum signed a recording contract and began her ministry of Christian music. With her Shania Twain-looks, God-given talent and velvety-smooth voice she could have succeeded in any music venue. However, as her website, states, she has chosen many of her songs to carry the Lord’s message of healing and hope for the weary.  She knows whereof she sings.

“My daddy was an evangelist so I traveled a lot growing up,” says Pam. “I felt I didn’t have any real stability other than Jesus. He became my best Friend. We would only stay in an area one month or so at a time but I learned that Jesus would always be my rock.  Good-byes and insecurity made me hold onto Him.”

From her past experiences and from meeting different kinds of people from all walks of life, Pam knows the message of God’s love is one that everyone needs to hear.

“I’ve seen the elite rich and seen the same loneliness and emptiness in their eyes as in the person’s eyes who lives on the streets,” she says. “And their pain matches the same root of pain I feel when I’ve been misunderstood and alone.”

In the midst of a self-oriented society, Pam’s music and ministry advocates having a thankful heart.

“My husband Steve (Marshall) and I have come to realize that the most powerful ingredients needed to keep our relationship healthy are to be thankful to God and to believe,says Pam. “Without faith it’s impossible to please God. Faith is something you have to do even when you don’t feel like it.”

Steve is also a gospel recording artist and they travel throughout North America together singing the good news of God’s love. This couple who is constantly ministering to others makes sure to keep in contact with different ministries to stay straight in their own Christian walk. They have pastors/friends who check in with them for prayer requests and send them preaching cassettes, which they listen to while driving from one church to the next.

They make a solid team who share a true love for one another.

“We keep our marriage strong with very basic steps,” says Pam.  “First of all, we praise the Lord together. Second, we also laugh a lot, which is important because the joy of the Lord is our strength. Third, we get excited about each other’s accomplishments. Fourth, we watch what we say and attack the problem, not the person.”

Pam pauses, then adds what she thinks has helped her marriage the most.

“Always be thinking, ‘What good thing can say I today?’ It takes five seconds and no energy whatsoever to compliment a job well done, like taking out the garbage or making lunch. Those kinds of things keep any relationship alive and we’re learning to work on them.”

Sometimes the weary are right in front of us and we need to help them heal.

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