The Power of a Praying Wife

Written by Stormie Omartian

PowerofaPrayingWife_290x220When I asked my husband to share with me his deepest fears, one of the things he mentioned was the fear of not being a good father. “I believe it’s something men in general tend to fear,” he said. “We get so caught up in doing what we do in our work that we’re afraid we haven’t done enough with our children. Or we’re afraid we haven’t done it well enough, or we’re missing something.”

Have you ever had someone pray for you when you couldn’t think straight, and after they prayed you had complete clarity and vision? I’ve experienced that countless times. I believe this is what can happen for our husbands when we pray about their parenting. If they are tortured with doubt and burdened by a sense of responsibility, we can minimize these feelings with our prayers. Prayer can help them gain a clear perspective of what it means to be a good father, and open the door for Holy Spirit guidance on how to handle the parenting challenges that arise.

The following is a suggested prayer to guide you in praying for your husband’s role as a father.

Lord, teach (husband’s name) to be a good father. Where it was not modeled to him according to Your ways, heal those areas and help him to forgive his dad. Give him revelation of You and a hunger in his heart to know You as his heavenly Father. Draw him close to spend time in your presence so he can become more like You, and fully understand Your Father’s heart of compassion and love toward him. Grow that same heart for his children.

Help him to balance mercy, judgment and instruction the way you do. Though you require obedience, You are quick to acknowledge a repentant heart. Make him that way, too. Show him when to discipline and how. Help him to see that he who loves his child disciplines him promptly (Proverbs 13:24). May he never provoke his “children to wrath, but bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord,” (Ephesians 6:4).

I pray that we will be united in the rules we set for our children and be in full agreement as to how they are raised. I pray that there will be no strife or argument over how to handle them and the issues that surround their lives.

Give him skills of communication with his children. I pray he will not be stern, hard, cruel, cold, abusive, noncommunicative, passive, critical, weak, uninterested, neglectful, undependable or uninvolved. Help him instead to be kind, loving, soft-hearted, warm, interested, affirming, affectionate, involved, strong, consistent, dependable, verbally communicative, understanding and patient. May he require and inspire his children to honor him as their father so that their lives will be long and blessed.

Lord, I know that we pass a spiritual inheritance to our children. Let the heritage he passes on be rich in the fullness of Your Holy Spirit. Enable him to model clearly a walk of submission to Your laws. May he delight in his children and long to grow them up Your way. Being a good father is something he wants very much. I pray that you will give him the desire of his heart.

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  • Aldo says:

    Elly Ongo, you can get the book on the Amazon website for about $5.00 or less.

  • elly Ongo says:

    I want to buy this book …

  • Susan says:

    Update – It will be a year Feb. 10 for our divorce after 40 years of marriage. We lived together the first six months and then one day he moved out. I continued living in the home we had been renting for 26 years and hopefully he has been paying the rent as in our divorce agreement with family. So..what have I learned? I’ve learned that faith in this unseen God set me free. I’ve learned my ex-husband is like many husbands who want to keep their women weak and dependent on them with the cruel games. I see this now in so many relationships. My ex told me recently we needed to get back together for “financial” reasons. NO THANKS! It’s tempting…but NO THANKS. This unseen God has his arms around me. Although I am scared of being 100% independent with no one on this earth to help me, I cannot go back to an abusive husband. He made a mistake filing for a divorce and not telling me just so that he could keep a mistress in his web! Let him have the mistress! I would rather be alone and not have to listen to how I can’t keep a house clean and be kept a prisoner in the house because he is taking OTHER women out to dinner and doing stuff with them. I AM SO UNBELIEVABLE HAPPY right now! I too believed in the vows and as a christian women, I think there are men that know we won’t leave them because we do feel this commitment. This somehow allows them to treat us this way. I have forgiven him so many times. I have hung on to the HOPE that he would change…he kept saying I HOPED you would change. Well dude…I HAVE! Through the guidance of my higher power, I HAVE CHANGED! And….YOU MY FRIEND….have lost your power over me so that I can simply…….live! I don’t want STUFF anymore because I have gone through a transformation. Living by myself is cheap when you don’t need STUFF to feel that void. This is going to be the best year of my life….GOD has given me some new tools. I still love my ex and HOPE things work out for us in the future, but for now….I’M GOOD!

  • Renèe Rankin says:

    Please pray for me and my husband. We have been married for 23 years and he recently left to live with a young girl because I would not allow her to live in our home. Now she is pregnant but he expects us all to live together as one big happy family. We have 3 boys together 21, 17 and 11. They have all been affected by this situation. God has gotten my attention though and my relationship with God is in a wonderful place. My husband is not saved. He and I are still intimate but I will not accept the other girl who is 18. So he and I are at odds because of this. He is so different. But God is changing me from the inside out. I have fully surrendered to God.
    Please pray. I am praying for salvation for my husband and reconciliation of our marriage and family unit. Please help me pray. Thank you.

  • After 25 years my husband Scott abandoned me and our two children for another woman. He moved in with her and he never looked back. Left me to be mother and father and take on all financial responsibilities! Our son is 11 and our daughter just turned 21! This was a slap in the face for me and our children! We are left with hurt and abandonedment. I love scott and I pray for total restoration and reconciliation love healing and forgiveness between Scott and me! what can I do when he want communicate at all with me or the kids. PLEASE help me pray he will leave thus other woman and come back to me and our children! Amen

  • Sharon says:

    to Susan wow good for you to learn to cook for yourself and to be still and let God guide you in this life of yours and taking baby steps good for you. I am praying for you. I pray for Christians will come along your path to encourage you.– sharon

  • susan says:

    update – I left a msg in October. My husband and I divorced in February. We currently still live together as “roommates” for one year to give me a bridge from being co-dependent all my life to hopefully becoming independent. God has come into my life, via the Praying Wife Book, and is doing amazing things!! First….God is giving me a make-over!! It is a make-over from inside out. God has taken me to the root of our marriage problem in order for me to see that – my ex has issues that come from his childhood and I have issues that come from marrying so young and not having any homemaker training! Weird huh? But so true! I was a child bride. God is working with me on this issue and showing me to clean for me…not him! (He will always find something to pick on me about.) I am, just now starting to cook!!!! God has shown me to cook for myself! (He will always criticize my cooking because he doesn’t WANT ME to feel success. He wants to keep me down. He wants to keep control of me so that I cannot be independent. When women become stronger through this process, I can only imagine how many women leave their husbands because they become aware of the abusive control that their husband’s have used.) Little baby steps, God is leading me out of a bondage that has lasted for over forty years. I still pray for my ex-husband because God has shown me not only his strait-jacket addictions he has, but mine as well. My addictions may not be alcohol and sex with other people, but God reveals my addictions are just as damaging to me. I cannot tell you how excited I am about life and how I do not fear what is behind the door, cuz my God shows me – not to run – be still – and we will work together taking baby steps to a person God is calling me to be!!

  • Cricket says:

    My husband 12 years married had an affair and left me and our 2 kids- 8 and 9 for other woman out of the blue- I never saw it coming- he changed overnite and went from a loving husband and great father to hating me and not seeing children for days at a time-blaming me for him leaving-he has left and come home 5 times in past year- he has so much anger at me and we are on verge of divorce- I have been praying for him and our marriage and our family but it seems to not work- please pray for us- I don’t want a divorce-and I don’t want to give up on him and our marriage- thank you!!

  • Elkay says:

    Heavenly Father, thank You that we can pray foremost that Your will be done in our lives, knowing that every good and perfect gift comes down from You the Father who knows our present and future lives. Lord, You created marriage as a sacred institution for the welfare and happiness of mankind in which man and woman bind together, become one in Your eyes, reflect Your image and worship You.

    Please help Kyra and her husband know that marriage is a decision to be committed to one another no matter what, and from that commitment, unselfish love can again flow between them as they receive Your love for them.. And Lord, give them a great spiritual purpose in life so that they seek first Your kingdom and Your righteousness and honor You forever.
    And Lord, April’s marriage needs Your presence, Your protection and Your restorative touch. We come to Your throne of grace to find help and mercy for her and her husband as she prays and fasts. Please respond to her pleas for her husband’s spiritual walk with You.

    Lord, in both marriages we know that nothing is impossible for You and so we bring these prayers to You in the powerful name of Jesus and ask that You be glorified in Your actions and in all of their responses. Amen.

  • April says:

    My husband and I have been married a little over a year but together for about 5 years. We had a baby girl who is almost one. During the last part of pregnancy I started to notice a change. No more affection, no more communication… God revealed some things to me. Its bigger than the affairs, bigger than the emotional neglect….he’s allowed the enemy to take control and deceive him. He now believes that he has to end this marriage and start fresh with his life and possible remarry me. Nowhere in the Word does God validate this decision. The devil is a liar I know my husband! I have been praying and fasting with authority and I am believing that everything the enemy stole God will restore!And once I got myself together from the crying and anxiety I could see God’s hand in the situation. God is using me as a ministry tool. And my husband will be the man of God and walk in his purpose. Every spirit that has come in contact with him shall be removed! Pray with me please as I stand!

  • Kyra says:

    My husband and I have been divorced for one year however we decided to try to work things out in January of this year. I believe marriage is supposed to be for a lifetime and have prayed for forgiveness for the divorce. My spouse is now saying that he only wAnts to be friends. Please pray for Gods will in this situation. And for my husband and I to fall into love. Also pray for my husbands a spiritual walk with The Lord.

  • Sharon says:

    to Susan– prayer– father God I do pray for Susan and this marriage I pray strength for them both during this time bless Susan and I do pray for this marriage I pray for both I pray all of this in JESUS name amen I am praying for you both/God loves you both– sharon

  • Kathryn Kathryn says:

    Amen to that Sharon, Susan,It is only through God’s mercy that I am married after so many years. I too have been very remiss in our relationship and even uncaring at times. I think that the only way we can navigate the difficult relationships of modern day life is humbling ourselves before our mighty, loving God and being ready to listen and obey His voice. That way we can know peace and joy in spite of the turmoil which may threaten to overwhelm us. I am reminded of Proverbs 3:5,6 5Trust in the LORD with all your heart
    And do not lean on your own understanding.
    In all your ways acknowledge Him,
    And He will make your paths straight
    Blessings to you.

  • susan says:

    13 years ago, a friend gave me a copy of The Praying Wife. I was just about to throw in the towel after 27 years of marriage. When my friend gave me this book, there was a sparkle of hope. Maybe it was about prayer. I continued to pray for my husband. My life was stressful with working, four teenagers, and a husband that had what I will call “issues”. When I felt the book wasn’t working and I was starting to loose faith, I found myself coming home from work and for some reason, went into my bedroom and “literally” fell to my knees and found myself in “praying wife” hands position. I began to pray with all my heart and soul for God to heal my husband. I came in prayer for a miracle. I even began “claiming” this miracle in Jesus’s name. (never done that before) Deep in prayer, I came to a stop and simply said…”Your not listening God. Your not listening.” I was still. It was at that time, I received a message….If you do the same thing the same way you get the same results…and it repeated. I thought…think…think…how can I do this different. I cried out CHANGE ME GOD!! and I snuck in these words…so I can live with this man. (this turned out to be part of God’s plan. By staying with this man for a total of 40 years and not fleeing the marriage, God used the storms to slowly strengthen me. The miracle I received that day was not the miracle I was praying for. My God said…I will heal you first. It took 13 years from that day. Subtly(?) I was healed over this time. By healing me first, this took the power my husband had over me away. Would you believe we are getting a divorce and I am very ok with this. When I was telling my husband about what my doctor said and all of these health concerns, he looked at me and said…well let me tell you what I am really thinking about..I am thinking about leaving you….I said…I want you to. I know I am not going to get what I want with you being my husband, but maybe one of us can be happy. You go and find someone and be happy. (I was serious. God had showed me the ROOT of our problem the night before and set me free.) God is working like crazy overtime in our marriage. I don’t know what is going to happen, but God is giving me strength and courage during this time. Just when you think you know what is going to happen next, a spin is put into your life. God is an awesome God and I can see a healing taking place. I may or may not be in this marriage…God’s plan is revealed all in God’s time. I am so thankful for this book being placed in my hands. I had settled years ago in this marriage. With my new strength, I no longer wish to settle. I hope and continue to pray for my husband. My God says to me….”I’ve got this” It may not turn out the way I would like to see it turn out, but I have faith that it will turn out how it should be in God’s plans. Pray for me and my husband to get through this.

  • Sharon says:

    thank you God for my husband we have been married for 29 and I dated him for three continue to be with us and continue let us grow in each other and you God thank you God for everything and that he pus up with me in all of my moods we love you God and continue to provide for us and bless us in your name JESUS amen-

  • alejandrina says:

    My husband and I we been together for 14 years married for 13 years we have 4 kids together for years I been trying hard trying with him to be more responsible but I realise that is not me he’s going to change him is going to be god I am sorry my lord I leave all in your hands dear god I need help praying for my husband he needs to get a job to be more responsible we it for him to stop drinking pills and leave those friends that destroying he’s marriage in relationships with kids and family give to are family peace, joy and love

  • Aldo says:

    Patricia, I will certainly pray for you. I know that God hates divorce- Malachi 2:16. I also know that He answers prayer said in agreement with His Word. So, let’s pray:

    Heavenly Father, You know and have heard the cry of Patricia’s heart for her husband and her marriage. Lord, we know that there is nothing impossible for You, so we ask that You would put a “hedge of protection” around Patricia’s husband. Lord, let him lose sexual interest in all other women but his wife, Patricia. Give him a love for her stronger that he has ever had. Draw him closer to You and to the Savior, Jesus Christ, in whose Name we pray and agree, amen.

    Patricia, you have taken the best step in asking for prayer. Continue to seek out those who you know who will pray and agree with you. God does answer prayer.

  • Patricia says:

    I would like prayer for my marriage. We have been together for 34 years, married for 25 years. My husband had been in an affair for the past 14 months. It came to light when, the other woman texted him and ended the relationship, because he would not tell me about them or leave me for her. She returned his money, and completely ended the affair after she apologized for hurting me and speaking to her a few days later. He now blames me for her ending the affair, yet he accuses me of cheating on him with everyone from family to friends. I have left him in God’s hands. He tells me he does not love me and that he loves her. I am not giving up yet, even though I feel overwhelmed. He can be especially verbally cruel when he has been drinking or having a bad day. He wanted to keep things the way they were going, until she broke it off. Please pray for me as I focus on the Lord and for my marriage.

  • Chris says:

    dawn…I regret to hear of your situation. we are truly living in troublesome times where faithfulness in marriage is becoming almost a rarity. 1 corinthians 7 in the new testament foresaw our days where paul talks about the Christian mate being abandoned and gives some comforting instructions about it. of course, there is always hope that the wayward mate will change but the chapter is there so you dont have to fret about what your husband does or doesnt do, but simply live Gods will in your life regardless of anything else. my pray is that your husband does repent, change and come back to you. meantime you can be drawing closer to jesus to have the confort of his holy spirit upon you and your children knowing of his promise that he will never leave us. hebrews 13.5 i pray the comfort of the scriptures according to romans 15.4, be always yours in your life amen

  • Dawn says:

    I have your book. I have been praying for my husband and my marriage for a while. I need help in praying! He wants to leave me. My girls and I love him dearly!!! He had an affair and I have for have him but he tells me has to work on things himself. I sometimes feel it’s a lie we have only been married for 3 years but been together for 2. I feel he didn’t love me to begin with or he loves me still and can’t for give himself. I want my marriage. He tells me he doesn’t want to get a divorce but we both have a lawyer! ? how do I pray for God to help us? Plus can I get help praying for our marriage? I know Gods will is it ok to ask God what is his will? Thank you God bless you!!!

  • Chris says:

    Stephanie…i stand with you in the power and faith of our lord jesus christ, that by his mercy and faithfulness he would lead your family out of indebtedness into the glorious liberty of being debt free economically, spiritually and in every way in jesus name amen! deuteronomy 28, deuteronomy 8.18

  • stephanie says:

    Today at 10:33 AM

    God we need your help, My Husband make a very big mistake ,now we have accumulated too much debt ,and now we cannot imagine to overcome it.We really in big debt , without your help , We really don’t what to do, Lord I beg you to intercede our name.Please help us, Please forgive our sins,Please forgive my husband sin.

    God Please walk with us, help us make decision.Please guide my husband,hope he wont make any mistakes anymore,your are his most powerfull ally, and his best partner.Please Join him so that he may succeed in his career ,as for our family and his customer service. Good judgment of the powers granted to him, so guide him doing the right .All of us in your Heavenly name. We really need your help .Please help us remove our debts.Amen

  • Kate says:

    Ngozi thank you for sharing. How do you live this out in your life?

  • Ngozi says:

    Remember a wife that family that prays togather lives togather,

  • Chris says:

    lynne…sorry to hear of your struggles…1 peter 3 is a great chapter to help godly wives with their difficult husbands. couple that with 1 cor 7.14 and acts 16.31 and you can enter into your rest of faith. hebrews 4. jesus bless you as you do with his peace!!

  • lynne says:

    Im going through a rough time with my husband as we seem to fight about everything all the time…i need to learn to pray for wisdom and guidance in these marriage to be able to communicate betterl..i hv stopped praying as well and always angry…how can i go back to being a prayerful wife and change my life to a loving wife…

  • Chris says:

    sherry…we pray for you in jesus name that you would come up and into all that the lord has planned for your spiritual life, your calling in him and your effectiveness in prayer and intercession. may the holy spirit fill you today to do his good pleasure amen!!

  • sherry says:

    i want to be a prayerful wife

  • Shelley says:

    Dear Father God.

    Lord I lift up my sister Wendy to you at this time that you will heal her husband of drinking that that you will bring them together as One under Your grace in Jesus name Amen

  • Wendy says:


    I also have power if a praying wife in which I absolutely love..great tool…except he gets angry that I read it..takes it as a threat.

  • Wendy says:

    Needing prayer for my husband. He has gone back to his alcoholic habits in which he left behind 15 yrs before we had met. He accuses me if cheating on him and insults me regularly. He is saved but fights demons within himself. He currently is not working and spends our money on large bottles of hard liquor almost daily. I am working four 10’s and my days off except Sundays. By the time I get home I am exhausted and just want to sleep. He has fits because he wants to be intimate and I will try however he prefers us to be intimate in pornful ways like the ways they do in the porn he has chosen to wait ch. Hus favorite is “Nina”, in which he claims he only watches he because she looks like me. (So upsetting)
    I need prayer for my strength and for his addictions. This is upsetting the children because he constantly says he’s leaving me(to get what he wants) He also won’t allow me to visit friends or do activities with other women without accusations. Please pray for our us.

  • Jamie Jamie says:

    Hi Abigail, you should be able to find a local Christian bookstore that would be able to get that for you. You can also find the book on Amazon or other online bookstores. We do also carry it in our online bookstore ( but the delivery charges would likely be pretty high.

  • I would like to buy this book ‘The Power of a Praying wife’.

    I am inquiring from Zambia.

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