Do You Know Your Child? Video provided by: Josh McDowell Ministry

How well do you know your child? Most mothers really know about their child, so many fathers don’t. Ask yourself this question and the answers can pretty well tell you. If you score, say 9 out of 10, then you’re probably a father who knows his child. If you don’t, then you’ve got your homework to do.

What are your child’s favorite things? What is your child’s #1 friend? Who’s his #1, #2 friend? Do you know who that is? Write down: What is your child’s favorite color? What is your child’s favorite class? Can you write that down? What is one issue that your child is facing in their life that they have to resolve?

I will challenge you to get to know your child because the more you know your child, literally the greater impact you will have in their life.

Get to know your child! So take time to get to know them. What is your child’s favorite sport? What is your child’s favorite position they’d like to play in soccer, in basketball? Do you know those things?

You might do this: When you talk with your child write down what your children shared with you. And if you do, you know what? You’re going to listen, because most people cannot recall five things they just had in the conversation with their child, which means, they normally did not even listen to their child. And the more your child thinks you’re listening to them, the more they will trust you and truly want to share things with you.

A child will project the image of their earthly father upon our Heavenly Father. And the more your child looks to you as their hero; the more your child admires and respects you, the easier it is for them to learn to love and honor and worship their Heavenly Father.

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