Joshua 3:5

Written by Darla Walker

AA047768And Joshua said, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.” (Joshua 3:5)

This is how Joshua addressed the people as he was preparing them to cross the river into the promised land. As you know, Moses had died and passed over the leadership to Joshua. Joshua went to the Lord, received his marching order, and when he gathered the people together, this was his command to them: “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.”

I like this verse because it clearly outlines our part and God’s part.

  • Our part is to consecrate ourselves. We know that this means to set ourselves apart, to be wholly usable for God. In other words to have no unconfessed sin in our life, and to be clean vessels for Him to use. But the meaning of this command goes even deeper; it also means to compose our minds and hearts to hear from God, and obey. That’s my part. Usually I am rushing around too much to compose my heart and mind to listen to anything, least of all the Lord. I need to build that time into my life, to listen to Him, to read His word, to understand what He is saying to me, and then to be prepared to obey. That’s our part.
  • God’s part is also very clear, “Tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.” We know for sure that it’s not we ourselves who do the amazing things, for only God can do supernatural things. Only God can change the hearts of men and women. He promises to do it, and He promises to do it among us. He is giving us a ring side seat to watch what He is doing in the spiritual realm, and there is a correlation between the promise and the command that Moses gives.

As we are consecrated, as we are available for Him to use us, we will be able to watch Him do amazing things, but He will do them among us. So the question is, are you consecrated? Are you set apart for Him? Are you composing your heart and mind to hear what He says in His word, and then obey? If you are, get ready for some amazing things.

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  • Machebele says:

    I really the friend of bible.I love you my God SHALOM.

  • Francis mramba says:

    God bless you.continue inspiring.

  • felicia says:

    What a excellent breakdown of the scripture I received this morning during my time of devotion.

    I feel so blessed with the above mentioned breakdown of Gods word for my life

    God bless and may he give the author more inspirational messages like this

  • ogyaframa says:

    thanks for this exposition

  • Hemadribabu says:

    Dear sister/Brother,
    I am a new born child in Christ, i was born in Hindu religion, but by the grace of my lord Jesus. I came to know about my lord Jesus. Please let me know more about my lord JESUS.


  • dee says:

    Thank u very much for breaking this down for me. This was very well written and yoy made it very easy to comprehend the verse and its full meaning <3

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