Fear, Faith and Migraines: Renewing your mind can help renew your body.

Written by M. Larson

spiritualgrowth_migraines“Bob, this migraine is killing me!” Sue exclaimed to her husband. “You’re a doctor. Isn’t there something else that can help me?”

“I’m sorry, *Sue honey,” he answered, “but we’ve tried everything I can think of. I know even the drugs don’t help much. I guess you’ll just have to learn to live with it.”

“Learn to live with it!” Sue cried. “I’m tired of these headaches, stomachaches, nausea, and vomiting!”

Stress resulted in headaches

Sue’s headaches had begun when she was a young girl. Now she was a married woman with two children. Still, every time she encountered a stressful situation, it seemed a little voice would say, “You are going to get a headache; you are going to get sick.” So she knew what was coming, and that only served to increase her tension.

Peace and joy seemed impossible

Deep inside, Sue felt a longing in her heart to have a closer relationship to God than she had. Then when she was 29, she met a special young woman. Rosie had warmth about her, a joy, peace, and faith she wanted.

What is it? Sue wondered. What is it?

One day Rosie told Sue how the Lord had healed her back after an accident.

“Oh, I have been so sick with migraine headaches for so long,” Sue groaned. “I’ve prayed to God to help me, but nothing has happened. I guess God is more concerned about people who are in greater distress than I am.”

“Sue, the Bible says that God even cares for the sparrows,” Rosie said. “God even knows how many hairs are on your head. He is concerned about any pain you may suffer.”

“Do you really think He cares about my headaches?” Sue asked. “Do you think He might even heal them in answer to prayer?”

Rosie nodded. “I certainly do,” she answered, “but you have to trust Him. Why don’t you come to a home prayer meeting with me tomorrow night, and we’ll pray for you.”

“All right,” Sue agreed. Oh, wouldn’t it be wonderful if God healed me? she thought. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could have the faith, serenity, and joy Rosie has!

Sue went to that meeting fully expecting God would help her. The Christians prayed for her. And that night she turned her life over to the Lord. For when she heard that Jesus loved her, that He had died for her sins, and that He would come to live in her if she truly received Him, she knew it was true.

A new way of life

God began working in Sue’s life and showing her certain truths in His Word. She realized that she had to be released from patterns of reaction to stress by learning to trust in the Lord day by day, hour by hour. She realized that the opposite of the fear that triggered her headaches was faith. She was learning a new way of life, living by faith.

Sue’s headaches had started when she was a child growing up in a difficult situation, with an alcoholic father and unruly sisters. The headaches had resulted from things that happened to her and from her reaction to those things. Thus, whenever anything caused her stress, she would get a migraine headache.

Now, however, with the Lord in her life, Sue began to meet stressful situations with faith. To her joy, the migraine headaches began clearing up.

Occasionally, when Sue took her eyes off the Lord and fell back into her old thought patterns, she would get a migraine attack. But thankfully, the frequent migraines became a thing of the past.

After Sue began her new life with the Lord, prayers began to be answered. Family relationships were healed. Sue and her husband became one in the Spirit, and their marriage became more beautiful. Christ became the center of their home and conversation.

Some principles for victory

1. Jesus Christ promised His peace, joy, and presence to all those who receive Him as their Savior and Lord. If you haven’t done that yet, do it! If He is your Savior, make sure you are right with Him. Walking with Christ imbues us with the faith in Him that overcomes problems.

2. Psalm 34:4 says, “I sought the Lord and he heard me and delivered me from all my fears.” Believe that! For many of our problems occur just as Sue’s did, because of fear. Wisely, Sue cried to the Lord every time she realized stress was present; fear was banished–and so were the migraines.

3. Walk with the Lord day by day, hour by hour, as Sue did. In His presence there is joy and peace–and deliverance.

4. Learn how you can walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, and practice it moment by moment.

If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, God has given you His Holy Spirit to help you live life according to His perfect plan. Why not pray this simple prayer and by faith invite Him to fill you with His Spirit:

Dear Father, I need you. I acknowledge that I have sinned against you by directing my own life. I thank you that You have forgiven my sins through Christ’s death on the cross for me. I now invite Christ to again take His place on the throne of my life. Fill me with the Holy Spirit as You commanded me to be filled, and as You promised in Your Word that You would do if I asked in faith. I pray this in the name of Jesus. As an expression of my faith, I thank You for directing my life and for filling me with the Holy Spirit. Amen.

9 Responses to “Fear, Faith and Migraines: Renewing your mind can help renew your body.”

  • Sharon says:

    to Fraol prayer father God I do pray for Fraol right now for your healing hand over this person for the migraine headaches I pray joy also in this person nothing is impossible with you God by your stripes this person is healed send Christians along this person’s path to encourage this person I pray all of this in JESUS name amen. I am praying for you.— sharon

  • fraol says:

    pray fo me am very sick of this migraine of stress plz am in a very bad mood

  • Aldo says:

    Promise, allow me to pray for you.

    Father God, I do not know if Promise has a genuine relationship with You through accepting and receiving Your Son Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior, but You do. If she does I ask that You would hear our prayer, and relieve her of these terrible headaches. If she doesn’t I ask that You would draw her to Jesus by the power of Your Holy Spirit, in Christ’s Name, Amen.

  • PROMISE says:

    all my life am really having a hard headache even at this moment am texting, so I wish I also get the healing.

  • Aldo says:

    Thanks Jamie for your wonderful insight. God does heal. The When and How is exclusively up to Him. What we must do is believe and trust until the answer comes. Daniel waited 21 days for his answer. That is indicative of the fact that prayer is not answered immediately. But, whatever the length of time, we must keep on keeping on.

  • Tumi says:

    I agree with Shona. Having suffered from migraines which are now chronic for over 22 years I feel the article is overly simplified. We cannot simply base it on faith if I believe I have faith and still trusting God for my healing. There’s a guy who wrote a book titled ” till healing comes”. In the book he is cognizant of the fact that some people do not receive healing soon despite their faith and trust but have to keep their hopes until healing comes. Be blessed !

  • Jill F. says:


    Please don’t feel that the article is oversimplified. I too, suffer from something called migraine associated vertigo. I am trusting and believing that God will heal me. There is no “magic ingredient”. God simply wants us to speak, act, and live faith. I have been reading a book called “Christ the Healer” by F.F. Bosworth. It is amazing! One of the things that rang true to me was he said, ” some people aren’t healed because they substitute their belief in the doctrine of divine healing for personal faith to be healed.” I feel this fits my situation correctly. I believed that God does heal and wants to heal, but I questioned if he would heal ME!
    Please don’t feel condemned in any way because that is not from God! I was also doing what I call “symptom watching”. Our symptoms are lies set up to keep us from seeing truth. I would simply like to encourage you Shona. I myself am healed (because the Lord has already done the work on Calvary) but still experience symptoms. I am in the process of believing for the word to take effect in the realm of my life. Be encouraged. The Lord does love you and I don’t feel like the original article writer was trying to condemn anyone. This was just her personal experience. I know my migraine issues started after a fearful event and I too believe fear plays a big part. We do have some part in our healing for God will never move out of turn. He paid the price on Calvary, we have faith and trust and believe it will manifest in our life, and he heals us. Only God Himself can know the timing for this to occur, but faith is much to do about it. In several examples the Lord said is was the person’s faith that made them whole. God is moved by his compassion for us and His blessings are for all. We definitely do not discard the environmental factors – of course we should be diligent to take care of ourselves, but ultimately the Lord can take care of us disregarding those factors as well. Be encouraged friend and I pray the Lord will answer the desires of your heart!

  • Jamie Jamie says:

    Thanks Shona Kaye for expanding on this article. You are right that God is the one who determines who He will heal or not. It is interesting a comment that Matthew made when Jesus was in Nazareth, “And he did not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith.” (Matthew 13:58). Now you don’t want to take one small verse and create a whole theology but I think there is something here that is important to note especially for Christians in the Western world. Our lack of faith can put limits on what God will do. I would not take that farther and say if someone is not healed that they obviously didn’t have faith, but it should make us stop and ask, “Do I believe that God really can heal this? Do I believe that He does heal like this?”

    Now unfortunately I can’t answer if this is a true story or not. Dr. Muriel was promoted to heaven earlier this year so I can’t ask her if this is a true story. But I do know that a lot of our illnesses today stem from emotional issues and stress. I also know that in Christ Jesus we can be set free from that stress because He has promised to care for all of our needs. If that is the case and the stress is dealt with, the illnesses and pains will also be removed. In a situation like the story above where the migraines are stress related I think the principles that Dr. Muriel has laid out indeed will bring victory over the stress and the migraines. That is not to say that every migraine is related to stress but if they are, why not be set free?

  • Shona Kaye says:

    I’ve just read this article and feel it is oversimplified. Is this story even real? I am a Christian who has suffered for debilitating migraines for nearly 6 years. It has nothing to do with trusting in God. I trust in God everyday and rely on him for all my needs – I have to because I wouldn’t survive otherwise. I have had hundreds of attempts for healing and have friends continually praying for me. Are you suggesting that if I have more faith, I will get healed? I don’t believe that for one second. My healing is not in my control. It at the control of Jesus Christ. Why hasn’t he healed me yet? I have no idea, but faith is carrying on and still believing in God through it. Faith is not the ‘key’ to healing. Why would God decide to randomly heal non-Christians if it was about how much faith you have. Yes, I believe God heals, and yes, I think one day he will heal me. However, you need to be very careful writing articles like this. Illness is an extremely sensitive issue, as is healing. People can become very hurt when you present solutions, as they may not always work. Our healing is done when God pours out his love. It is nothing to do with how much faith we have. Can I also add that stress is not the only trigger of migraine. There are hundreds of other environmental factors that are beyond our control. Thanks for your time.

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