Music and God

Written by Peng Fei, translated by Henry Tung

When I reflect back on my childhood days, the most beautiful songs that went around my house were hymns. Oftentimes when I’m alone in the backyard, I can’t help but start praising the Lord with beautiful hymns like “Ten Children Approach and Accepting Jesus”, or  singing “Shake Back to the Heaven Above” while shaking the footstool, etc.  Not only did singing hymns fulfill me from the inside out, but I also sensed blessings from the heavens above.

Due to my mom’s illness, I became especially sensitive ever since I was a little girl. We rarely had any laughter or excitement around the house. Most of the times, my siblings just did their homework and played on their own. Only through hymns and prayers, our mother quietly steps into our lives, telling us about her challenges, faith and hope.

I seldom approached my mom. I could only appreciate her genuine love and thanksgiving to the Lord through her singing. I loved to listen to her sing because these flying music notes represented the strength of life. Whenever the hymns started playing, I became deeply touched and my spirit was comforted.

Music and life

While I was growing up, my parents fulfilled one of my childhood dreams by purchasing a piano along with a bunch of classical music tapes. I started to devote myself to playing the piano while practicing singing traditional and contemporary music.  Slowly but surely, I realized music was a magnificent creation from God. It gives liveliness to life, represents the thirst in our spirit, and accompanies us each step of the way. Furthermore, music can let us appreciate the greatness of our Lord, and be used as our feedback to praise His persistent love for us.

Hymns turn grief into joy

I love to dig in and read the book of Psalms to experience the power of prayers.  One of my favorite verses is found in the book of Psalms chapter 42 verse 8, “By day the LORD directs his love, at night his song is with me— a prayer to the God of my life.” While reading the verse, I often hum songs like “God Loves Me”, “Dear Lord, Hold My Hand”, or “The Vivid Shadow of the Cross”. I certainly felt safe and secure in God’s hands. Without a doubt, nothing is impossible with God.

I had countless regrets and worries throughout my life, and each were halted by hymns such as “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow” and “He Watches over Little Birds”.  The power from these hymns washed away my evening tears and turned them into joy under the morning sunshine.

Hymns are the answer

Being a fulltime homemaker in a foreign country is anything but easy.  During the years, my life was filled with loads of responsibilities and challenges.  These obstacles made me to have a better understanding of life and trust in God.

While I was in school, whenever things got busy taking care of schoolwork and the family, the hymns got me through each and every time.  Every week we would invite students to our home for dinner and listen to the gospel.  Sometimes when things got tough or out of hand, my faith in “God’s way is the right way” was never compromised.  I continued to prepare bible study or choir materials, even at the times when I got little sleep while the kids were sick or woke up crying at night.  Psalms 37 verse 3 couldn’t put it any better: “Trust in the LORD, and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed.” Indeed, when the housework became a heavy burden, coupled with all the other problems associated with family and friends, the hymns will lighten my load and get me going again.

Let the hymns fly

Only through your everyday life will you find out the truth behind your beliefs. The hymns are filled with truth and encouragements that will make you stronger. Anytime when you are using prayers and hymns to reflect on God’s words, that’s the time when peace and joy will be with you. Anytime you sing with your heart and praise the lord, that’s the time when others will be touched and grab on to the eternal hope; and thus receiving the priceless blessings from our Lord above.
Come on, let’s be a “musical” person. It doesn’t matter if you are just going through the book of Psalms, or singing hymns out loud every day, the key is to do it out of our genuine love. Give our best in the house of the lord, and let our voices be heard around the world.

Dear friends, maybe you are losing control in your life, feeling helpless, hopeless, or insecure.
You can have that peace directly coming from God, by you appreciating and realizing what God has planned for you.  Every single one of us can build that intimate relationship with God. Through the salvation made possible by Jesus Christ, you can experience God’s wonderful grace that will care for and guide you for a lifetime.

The God of Peace is only one prayer away. If you want the confident expectation of His strength and wisdom in your today and His help and hope for your tomorrow, you need only ask. Just tell Him…

Dear God, I have gone my own way in life and have put my hope in so many things that have disappointed me. Forgive me and come into my life today. Show me how to live in the confident expectation of how You can impact my life, my character and my circumstances. I place my hope in You right now and ask You to make Yourself known to me in my life right where I walk. I thank you. Amen.

“May the God of Peace fill you with all joy and peace, as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” The Bible: Romans 15:13

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