Do You Pray Every Day?

Written by Katherine J. Kehler

“If we are faithless (do not believe and are untrue to Him), He remains true, (faithful to His Word and righteous character), for He cannot deny Himself” (2 Timothy 2:14).

prayeverydayTwo little girls were playing dress up in gramma’s attic. They were playing “pretend church.”

The younger girl asked the other, “Jane, do you pray every day?”

The knowledgeable older child answered, “No, of course not. Some days I don’t need anything.”

We laugh because we realize that prayer is much more than asking for our needs. But how often do we go a whole day or at least part of a day without even greeting or acknowledging our Master.

This negligence hit home to me when we were in Nigeria a few years ago. We had two wonderful weeks of ministry. We would have to pray many times a day because there were so many obstacles every day and God answered our prayers over and over again. We experienced so many miracles.

Then it was time to go home. Early in the morning, we headed for Jos airport. After the usual waiting period and checking and rechecking of our documents, we finally boarded and had an uneventful trip to Lagos. We would be spending the day there before flying home.

It was almost noon when we checked into the hotel at Lagos and as I was standing in the hotel lobby waiting for my husband when I realized with consternation that I had not even greeted my Lord yet! Silently I talked to Him, apologized for my neglect. Thankful that even though I had ignored Him, He was still with me and was waiting for me.

Later, I wondered how long we would tag along with a friend or relative if that person would not even acknowledge our presence or talk to us?

How often do you talk to God?

5 Responses to “Do You Pray Every Day?”

  • Bob says:

    The question is how much should we pray each day? To the God that gave you life and everything in it, is it too much to give glory to part of each day to Him? Is 4% enough? That’s nearly one hour. I believe that would be an excellent goal. But like doing a marathon you should start with a 2 minutes at start of day and at end. Then work it up. Learn to pray while you are driving. Turn off the radio and talk to God. Better yet find a quiet place. Go into a church outside of services maybe before and after. Keep building up and it will be easy to do an hour.

  • Doris Beck Doris says:

    So glad that you found our site yemi and that you pray and read the bible every day! You are so right that we do need to be aware that we are in a spiritual battle and that the enemy is prowling like a roaring lion it says in scripture. We are to pray without ceasing and put on our spiritual armor every day!

  • yemi says:

    i pray and read the bible everyday,am presently in job chapter 10 and according to chapter one we should remember that the devil is always stand ready to testify against us.

  • debby says:

    I am a sahame to say as being a christian i forget to pray. i somehow struggle my self to pray aleat once a day cos with out God it is impossible to take one minit in life cos he is oos creater and we owe him so so much.sorry for my english,

  • Nydia says:

    I’m so guilty of doing just that; not praying everyday. I know that as christian, I must communicate with my saviour. But, I find so hard sometimes as to what to say; is he really listening, will he forgive me, again… all these thoughts run through my head. There have been times where I just started by praises and before I know it, my mind is wondering. I Love The Lord with my heart, why do I find so difficult to tell him so?

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