Free Cookies – That’s Your Strategy?Video provided by: Christian Life Assembly


It’s easy to scoff at someone else’s evangelism strategy.  We see a tract that looks old fashioned or a witty slogan on a church sign and think, “Come on, who ever finds God through something like THAT?” But the truth is there’s no single, correct way to evangelize. As Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 9:22, “I do everything I can to win everyone I possibly can.” God can use anything – even you and me.

For Christian and Maggie it was a door-to-door cookie strategy that brought them to church for the first time.  Unusual? Sure, but it worked. Christian describes his experience that first Sunday:

“I heard the message. I was hit and I decided it was time for me to introduce God to my family.”

What will it take to reach your neighbors for Christ?

Make 2014 the year you get serious about sharing your faith with the people around you. Come join us on The Life where we’re taking challenges and setting a path towards being better stewards of the message of the Gospel. We’re learning how  to pray, how to see the people around us and how to share the Gospel in a way that breaks down walls rather then putting them up. It’s going to be an incredible year. You can start our online Treasure series today or pick any of the challenges and dive right in.

Get started:

Find some common ground with your neighbours 
Be active in your community


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