Helping My Wife Reach Orgasm

I had no idea that it would be so difficult to get my wife to climax! We’ve been married for a year and I don’t think she has ever reached an orgasm. I feel like a failure. She is frustrated. What do we do now?

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One Response to “Helping My Wife Reach Orgasm”

  • Robert says:

    1. Don’t blame your wife.
    2. Don’t blame yourself.
    3. Ask your wife whether she can orgasm by masturbating alone.
    3. If she can, try the following:
    3.1 Have sex with you lying on your back and your wife kneeling over you with your penis inserted in her vagina.
    3.2 Let your wife be in control.
    3.3 Don’t move unless your wife asks you to.
    3.4 Your wife now masturbates by stroking her clitoris.
    3.5 If your wife has an orgasm, your problem is solved.
    4. If your wife can’t orgasm by masturbating alone, she may wish to learn how. She might want to read a book or website on the subject, talk to a girlfriend, or consult a sex therapist.
    5. It’s important to be aware of who has the problem, you or your wife. If your wife is happy having sex without orgasms, you need to do some deep thinking about why you have a problem if she doesn’t.

    Let me know how you get on.

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