Lasting Friendships

Written by Pilgrim

Friendships“Everyone longs to have lasting, close frienships. Achieving these special frienships is something that takes time, work, and perserverence. Do you have what it takes to be a good friend? Do you long for a friend that you can call “the best”?

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8 Responses to “Lasting Friendships”

  • kelvin says:

    friend hurt us n sometimes it can be a bit psychological because we ourselves facilitate it by constantly revealing our vulnerability 2 them so sub-consciously they monitor this n use this as leverage during time of need thus hurting us either subconsciously or consciously thus we should not fully show our reliance n vulnerability just enough for ourselves but we should still be involved in the friendship

  • marie says:

    when you have been friends with someone for 6 years, dont just deside on day to ignore them. thats what happened to me and it hurts.

  • Dreama says:

    trust me it sucks i have been friends with a girl since we were 4 its been 10 years! and when we got into Jr high she sorta ditched me but would talk to me during gym when no guys were around and on the weekends i feel like we have a “secret” friendship… should i forget about her or try to fix things.. i’ve talked to her about it she said i’m sorry.. and did it all again! help me please

  • shelby says:

    i know that i have 3 of the truest friends possible!! you just gotta kno if u can trust people!!! and if u can trust em then u got ya some friends!!

  • krysta says:

    i dunno if i believe in the term best friend i dunno..i guess i just have a hard time trusting people…ive just been hurt so many times is just really hard

  • Janet says:

    I always tell my friends what is wrong with me and any good news i have.When they get mad at me they would not speak to me and would start talking bad about me. What would you advise me to do?

  • Janet says:

    I have what it takes to be a good friend

  • jacoco says:

    i want ot get answer to this also, How can i konw if i meet the true person…

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