The Battle with Food

Written by Pilgrim

teens and food“Do you find yourself saying, “NO! I’ve gained two pounds!”. Does the fear of food possess you? Do you feel that you are addicted to large amounts of food? Anorexia, bulimia and food addiction affects millions upon millions of people your age. ”

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8 Responses to “The Battle with Food”

  • Nikki says:

    i am 18 years old and weight 100 lbs supposed to weight 103 to 113 for my height yes i do struggle with an eating disorder to be frank. i was down to 80 lbs a little under a year ago and still battle the fear of gaining weight everyday. you feel so ashamed like you have no one to turn to. my boyfriend of 8 months just found out about. he comes over every morning and stays with me untill after i am in bed asleep. he is afraid that i will relapse and i will be in the hospital again. i guess i am one of the lucky ones because of him i have gained weight and feel comfurtable in my own skin even though i am 100 lbs. he has shown me its ok to have a little meat on my bones. my parents didnt know that i had an eating disorder at all i lied to them in the hospital saying i was eating and that was the last of that. but he really really helped me. to be comfurtable even with the weight.

  • marie says:

    i am almost 17 years old and i weight 270. i hate weighing what i do, but i cant help it i love food. i always say that i am going to watch what i eat, but it never works. idk what to do i take each day as it comes.

  • Darren says:

    Nicole, it’s great to hear from you. I was sorry to hear about your struggles with the death of your grandfather and weight issues.

    If you’d like to privately & confidentially talk to an online mentor via email, please click the link below. You’ll be matched up with a mentor who has experience with these kinds of issues.

    (For any men who happen upon this page and are interested in mentoring about similar or different issues, try this link)

    Nicole I pray that God would continue to work with you and in you to renew your life and slowly but surely transform it so that you will achieve all that He has destined you to be. Lord I pray that you would give Nicole strength and peace as she learns to walk with you day by day.

  • Nicole says:

    I have had promblems with eating since my grandpa had passed away and had it since. i was on diet pills and then i didnt have the money to pay for them anymore. I am 17 i lost my grandpa at age 10. i am ashamed of my wieght. i wiegh 330 pds. i have tried to lose wieght but my family hasnt helped me any b/c they get fattning foods like pizza, ice cream, and foods with grease. since i have been iwht my cousins i have lost wieght but i dont know how much.

    Knowing hte lord is starting to help me out iwht my decisions on several things especially teh food category. but in the last couple of months ih ave fallen away from teh lord and so i have had many promblems. But being iwht my cousins and aunt is helping me b/c there are two kids here and they wear u out really fast.

  • Ruth says:

    When I first came to the Lord two years ago I was serverly obese, and my family was on the verge off breaking up. The Lord gained me through that situation, I gave up all my worldy enjoyment including food and replaced it with exercise and feeding on the word of God. As a result of this I had lost 43kg.

    However I have just come out of my honeymoon phase and have found this past 6 months have been the hardest of my life as Im struggling with eating excessively. Like you Rach I am beginning to realize that it is my choice. What I find is I am scared of failing. If I try eat healthy I am afraid that I will fail again like I have done a millions times before. We need to realize that these are not our own thoughts but thoughts injected by the enemy. If we keep getting discouraged or lose faith, the ‘self’ who is the emodiment of satan in the form of sin wins. We need to put all things too death. Only when it is put to death, then life can come forth. Praise you Lord for your resurrection life.

    LORD draw us into the experience of brother paul, in the verse I am cruicfied with Christ it is no longer ‘I’ that live but Christ who lives in me. You are the victor Lord! We need to overcome all the negative situations in our living by calling on the name of the Lord! OH LORD JESUS! OH LORD JESUS WE LOVE YOU! OH LORD JESUS WE NEED YOU!

  • Kara says:

    It is really encouraging to read your comments Rachel. I, too, had an eating disorder for many years. I could have written your response myself. I’ve often heard people indicate that eating disorders are everyone else’s fault. The only way I was able to work my way through it was by learning to understand the differences between the lies and truth I believed. At my crisis point I took paper, drew a line down the middle and wrote “lies” in one column and “truth” in the other. I then wrote out pages of lies I believed and then contrasted them by the truth that I also believed and knew. I then had a few people begin to pray for me specifically that I would learn to believe the truth. I began to take every thought captive the moment it came to me.

    When I wrote out those pages, I was in hospital and bed it appeared I may not come home alive. It was at that time I began the journey of replacing the lies with the truth. At first, nearly every single thought required replacing but as I retrained my mind, it became less intense. God helped me take steps towards wholeness and health. Even today – when thoughts come to me that I know are not true, I give them to God and ask him to help me learn to believe the truth. It is a journey where the healing is the reward!

  • Rachel says:

    I had an eating disorder for 13 years. At times I was so discouraged and wanted to give up the battle of overcoming. When I became a Christian I pleaded with God to take away my eating disorder, but slowly I realized it was choices I had to make. I had to believe the truth instead of the lies that I was trapped in.
    Remember that you are fearfully and wonderfully made…God loves you so much no matter how many times you mess up. I started memorizing scripture to replace the lies in my head. For example: I would think “You’re stupid” and then I would say, “NO, I have the mind of Christ”. I also had many friends who loved me unconditionally that I could talk to and they prayed for me for years. There is hope and GOD does heal. Take it one day at a time….God loves you.

  • Struggling says:

    I have suffered with an eating disorder for over four years. I am now 18 years old and with this new year just beginning I plan on that all to change. I am a Christian and have just a few months ago was saved. But I was still struggling, I now no longer feel I will. And I no longer want to. I give myself to the Lord and I know he will take care of me. Thanks for all your care and articles that helped me.

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