Written by Claire Colvin

inspire-faWhen you introduce a friend to Jesus, that’s a faith adventure.  When you introduce 25 friends to Jesus, that’s inspiring. We want to inspire you to heroic acts of evangelism and discipleship to reach the people in your world.

God created us for a life of bold adventure! We all crave discovery, growth and significance but we have a decision to make.  Will we accept God’s invitation to go places where we must trust in Him? Or will we settle for a life of something less? God assures us that if we take the risk, the journey will have great rewards.

At Power to Change, we want to see everyone living out a faith adventure – a dynamic journey where people discover a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, experience the life-transforming power of the Holy Spirit and inspire others to do the same.

This can be the day that changes everything. We have hundreds of opportunities for you to take an faith adventure.   You can bring a Family Life conference to your church, get your Bible study group involved as online mentors or organize your employees to support a well drilling project.  There are no limits to where this can go.  We’d love to come with you.

A full list of inspiring faith adventures is coming. Until then, you can use this form to request more information about faith adventures and check out the online mentoring faith adventure.

You can change your world by creating communities that become powerful movements which attract volunteers. Learn how you can mobilize volunteers.

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