Because I Say So!

Have you ever played “Follow the Leader” games as a child? We learn the value of being a leader and respecting leadership early on in life. Leadership is a skill we learn as children and continually hone through every stage in development. Think about the leaders in your life and the people under your leadership. If you could write down the top characteristics of a leader that you’d willingly follow, what would they be? Speaker, writer, and leadership expert¬†Ryan Walter¬†shares significant insights about leadership.

Make it personal:
Juggling work, your marriage, and your family life is no easy feat! How can you manage your priorities?
We are all destined to be leaders in different capacities, shapes and forms. Do you crave destiny?



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  • Herb Hamm says:

    This video with Ryan Walter is just tremendous!!

    Hello my name is Herb Hamm. I’m a veteran broadcast journalist and researcher, currently helping develop a leadership course in the field of job safety. I found this to be truly helpful.

    May God richly bless the inspired work you are doing!

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