It’s A Business Marathon! Video provided by: LeaderImpact Group

“It [leadership] is not a series of sprints, it’s a marathon.” Mark Bachman, co-founder of Better the World, once expected that a few quarters into working his position that things would slow down. They didn’t! He now recognizes the need for pacing and focusing on the big picture, as well as reserving time for himself. Have you been overworking lately? Could this be negatively affecting those who you lead?

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6 Responses to “It’s A Business Marathon!”

  • Tom Tom says:

    Teresa–I don’t think I knew that you and your husband were separated. Sorry to hear that. You wrote, “God has a plan and purpose for me…I have no idea what it is and feel an emptiness.” Is it not possible that the emptiness is a result of not focusing enough on the marriage and focusing too much on the business? Since both you and your husband are attending church, have you considered Christian marriage counseling to reconcile differences and to work together on building and strengthening your marriage together? I have to think this would be more honoring to God than a mission trip. These will sound like harsh words–but being separated from your husband is living in sin, and I doubt God will bless your efforts on the mission field while this is the case. I encourage you to do everything possible (including much prayer) to repair the marriage relationship first. I write in kindness and love.

  • Teresa Ellis says:

    Tom, Thank you for sharing!! God is now #1 in my life and in the business. My marriage is still in separation status and yes, my husband is going to another church. For years I prayed for us to go to church and have God in our lives and marriage and be true…we do both go to church just not together.
    AS far as my desire in my heart and the business….the business was started with us as a couple and in my husband’s line of work being a firefighter/rescuer, and my heart just isn’t in it like it was. I have always enjoyed helping people make good memories…our training allowed me to do that..and now he trains without me being there. I love to make people smile, happy and build good memories!! LOVE IT!! I have for the first time, this Christmas sponsored a ‘house mom’ in Honderous and signed up for the Missionary trip for next year through Church. I am so excited!!! God has a plan and purpose for me…I have no idea what it is and feel an emptiness.

  • Teresa Ellis says:

    That is for sure was/is missing too, long term committment!!

  • Tom Tom says:

    My remodeling business of 25 years came to a sudden and abrupt halt in Dec. 2007 as God was showing me he wanted me to spend my time in ministry. There had been several times prior to that I thought it might be time to get out, but each time I went to the Lord he immediately brought in new business or new employees. When it was HIS time, there was no questioning it.

    You write that God wasn’t at the center of your marriage or business. Is he now? If not, there’s every chance the Lord is using this to remind you of who comes first and to whom you owe EVERYTHING.

    If he is first place, maybe this is your time–Has God been showing you anything else he wants you to do and maybe you haven’t been obedient in following? Have you had a desire to do something else–maybe something ministry oriented–that you’ve put aside?

    While I continue to listen in quietness, I’ve learned that when he wants me to hear, it’s more like a shout than a whisper. Make sure of your relationship to him. Make sure he’s #1 in everything. Trust him and what he’s doing. Try not to stubbornly resolve (usually out of pride)to do it your way. If it’s not working, there’s a reason.

    May the Lord bless you as you seek him.

  • Teresa Ellis says:

    Started Nov 2002 and working capitol has been depleated and praying for God’s plan to surface….phone rings and no money to process orders…training requests for next year are piling up and no funds to pay for liability insurance coverage. Our marriage has been affected by roller coaster of business AND BECAUSE WE DIDN’T HAVE GOD IN EITHER MARRIAGE OR BUSINESS. I try very hard to be still to see and hear what He is showing me….just not hearing loud enough… I thank God for you and this website!! Praises and Blessings to YOU ALL!!

  • Alex says:

    Right on! So many people get into business thinking they’re going to get big results in the short-term and when they don’t see the results they quit. Just like Mark said: you have to look at business as a Marathon, not a sprint. It’s all about committing yourself to it long-term.

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