Are Sex Toys Okay? Video provided by: TruthMedia Films

Once you’re married you’re allowed to have fun in the bedroom. Does that mean you can have it any way you want? Relationship expert Sheila Wray Gregoire tackles the question of sex toys and whether or not they have a place in a healthy sex life.

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7 Responses to “Are Sex Toys Okay?”

  • B J says:

    my husband cant have sex but even before that he didnt want sex i always had to temp him until he gave into have sex with’s been over 15 yrs since weve had sex. I have sex toys and now i want more i want to be touched , held and kissed it’s so lonley.Im thinking of finding a sex partner

  • Alfred says:

    This is very educational, indeed. Actually, the “friendship thing” is what my wife & I have been doing for the past 21 years, since she says that after her cancer operation it hurts her when I come in. We know that we love each other more than ever; so we work at finding things we can enjoy and participate in together. She supports my art-work while I bought her a Blue Jays Cap so she can cheer for her favorite team!

  • Chelle says:

    Praise white Jesus for sex toys, especially with a husband that has ED. God pretty much cant help with that, lol!!

  • Doris Beck Doris says:

    I have to agree with you, Experienced Wife, that using sex toys doesn’t help grow our intimacy with our husbands but in fact destroys some of that. The speaker in this video totally talks about that.

    Celeste, I think you are making a choice between two not great options but you already know that. Using sex toys makes you feel empty in your own words, but it is the lesser of two evils so to speak. In a perfect world you would be enjoying an intimate sexual relationship with your husband, but he has killed the possibility of that by his behavior over the past 17 years.

  • Celeste1965 says:

    I am speaking from an experienced wife’s perspective….
    Married for 17 years to an abusive and controlling man who decided that personal hygiene was optional.
    I did all that I could for the marriage, but it didn’t matter.
    It was all about his needs. He expected me to not only be ready for sex anytime, but to initiate often.
    Why would I want to have sex with someone who was abusive, and didn’t keep himself clean?
    Using a sex toy made me feel empty, but it was better than being with him.

  • experienced wife says:

    I disagree with that comment. We are supposed to abstain from impurity PERIOD. I have found that when my husband won’t have sex with me that if I masturbate it separates my spirit from him and God.we are supposed to remain holy and pure for our spouse and God

  • Celeste1965 says:

    Sex toys are OK.
    Its better than having meaningless sex with a stranger if you are not in a committed relationship….and it is safer.

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