Distracted Video provided by: New Renaissance Productions

Peer pressure. We hear about it most often when talking about teenagers and their friends (and can see it powerfully at work in this film). But as much as we want to think we’ve matured, peer pressure can still affect us, among friends, at work, anywhere that we are sometimes faced with difficult choices. How do you fight against peer pressure?

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3 Responses to “Distracted”

  • nate says:

    Connect and it’s more easy to correct and direct

  • Esther Esther says:

    Ntombi I agree with you. Parents need to be friends to their teenage children, engage them in talks, they are a delicate lot to deal with. When one is open, honest and sincere with them, they can understand. We need to continue praying for them and not condemning them. We can correct them in love though we should not be permissive but firm with them. Continuously share the word of God with them.

  • Ntombi Dube says:

    Peer pressure is natural. Patents must be hands on in every bit of their children’s life. Life is a struggle. Let’s nurture our children including the Word in the Bible. Love them no matter what. Learn not to shout at them. Charity begins at home. Let them emulate role – models from home. That’s where it all starts. You can’t go wayward side and you expect your children to go straight. Save their lives by doing right under all circumstances. Patience is virtue. Think about that and you will reap good fruit at the end. Let the world see. When cling on doing right onlookers will be busy trying to dig deep your steps and if they can’t find anything they formulate their own stories about you. Then you walk tall because your Father who has created you knows your ways. I fear God and I love Him. He is doing wonderful things for me. As it is written in the book of Genesis, ‘if you keep My commandments, follow My Statutes I will bless you going in and going out, bless you, your descendants and your offspring, my dear my Father is doing exactly that. He keeps His Word heh! In the true sense of the word. Please, try to pray and praise the Lord and share the Bible with your children. God’s Word disciplines and it’s authoritative. Never allow yourself to be an authoritarian parent. It’s nor good. Never be lover of money. Love your family and your kids must be the priority in you. Let Father God be the foundation of your house. Pray without ceasing. When you are insulted or feel discouraged pray, be thankful of trials and tribulations. They are your stepping stones. In His Word He says, do not worry about anything but pray for everything. Watch! Your children will follow the footprints. The world is full of boils that bring along pains but in Him we are more than conquorers. Parents remain role-models for your children. Set the pattern, please and our Father will reward you. But know it’s never easy. Have faith in Him who is the Creator of the universe. Be blessed. Ntombi loves you in His Mighty name. Take care of those children, love them, talk to them. They are your friends. Listen to them and trust them. Never condemn them. Be there for them please. They know what they want embrace that. I love them. They are the future generation. Don’t let them down. Jesus lives them Nd He has a room for them. If anything goes wrong reason with them and pray for them.

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