What Dads Can’t Do

We can easily forget the small ways our dads have shown their love. For some dads, saying “I love you” doesn’t roll off the tongue naturally, but their actions speak it loud and clear. Watch this video. You might get a ton of ideas for that card you still need to write!

Were you taken back to your childhood? Fishing with dad, camping, beating him at checkers, pinning him down while wrestling, other favorite pastimes? Maybe it’s time we did something special to show our appreciation.

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One Response to “What Dads Can’t Do”

  • Alfred says:

    What a down-to-earth way of putting the life of a father into perspective! Also, what a blessing to the child as well as the father when a report is established between them. I think both need to know that we are unable to “do it right” alone, but need the guidance and wisdom that only God can supply! Have a great 2016, and be ready share this next June, on Fathers’ Day.

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