Forgiving ISIS

Written by Tia Glenn-Cooke

Video thanks to Samaritan’s Purse

“It is not just the time for forgiveness. It is not just the time for words…it is the time for work. I’m asking my Lord to not close this opportunity. One time, they blew up my church, one time they attacked me during the Mass by five missiles, one time I got shot in my leg – still the bullet’s in my leg. And I’ve been kidnapped for nine days, they almost broke my teeth, my nose, and they do all that by Allah’s name.

I have to forgive them, not because…it’s an order, but we have to forgive to let grace transfer from generation to generation. If not, that means pain and hate close the way to the grace of God. So, in this country as a Christian, we’re still like salt and light. It doesn’t matter what happened to me and to my people and my generation, but we have to take care of our kids. They are the future. If we do not take care about kids, our kids, now, the next generation of ISIS, they will be from our side.”

Imagine your family displaced – or worse.
Your place of worship attacked.
Your pastor kidnapped and abused.

Would forgiveness even seem like an option? 

Grace requires it. As Father Douglas said, if we don’t allow for grace and forgiveness – hate will prohibit the broken and hurting (and those who break and hurt) from encountering the God of love.

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6 Responses to “Forgiving ISIS”

  • Kathryn Kathryn says:

    OK folks, we do have to forgive people which means not hating them but at the same time, we cannot condone some of the terrible things that are going on in the world. As Christians it is not our place to judge (although we do it regularly) We need to seek help from the Holy Spirit to prevent us from being judgemental and vengeful and remember that God Himself is the one who will judge everyone according to His infinite wisdom and sovereign will.

  • Todd says:

    America is not or never was a christian nation. Where does that come from? Probably politicians or e mails, where truth always loses. We are told by apostles to obey and not resist governing authorities (including Roman leaders who were currently persecuting christians) the British were our governing authorities and many colonists did not want resist the British and start a new country. Many were religious who wanted to obey Gods word. America is or can be an idol to many christians. We. Have a very low percentage ratio of christians to overall popuation. Many countries are higher. But why worry about america? Don’t you worry about u? I worry about me, not u. America is just a tent I live under no more no less. Let me know if that helps u understand. If u take a closer look at how America has acted, u see many sinful actions. Violence, hatred, discrimination does not sum me up.

  • Aldo says:

    Salter, what is the reason you want to be Unsubscribed?

  • Aldo says:

    Todd, I’m interested in knowing why America does not define your Christian beliefs (ever). Remember, America was founded on true Christian beliefs. Yes, we have wandered quite a ways from those beliefs, but the fact remains that we are still a Christian nation with more Christians than any other country.

  • todd says:

    Wow. That is what Christianity is all about. Loving ur enemy is our goal, not bombing them in the name of Christianity. I’m an Christian who is currently residing in America, not an American who is a Christian. America does not define my Christian beliefs (ever) I pray that when confronted with extreme hatred and threats of death that God will give me the courage and power to show forgiveness and love.

  • A Salter says:


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