Living the Single Life

Written by Tia Glenn-Cooke

Julian, the host of The Science of Love by SoulPancake, asks a handful of single people a few questions:

If you could, would you wake up tomorrow single or in a relationship?
What are you looking for in a partner?
What do you think other people are looking for?

Their answers were unexpected, and what he had them do with their answers was even more surprising!

Why not try out Julian’s experiment for yourself? Like he says, Nothing bad will happen.

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If you’re single and feel like you’re struggling through it, read one woman’s story of being single and talk to one of our trained mentors.

5 Responses to “Living the Single Life”

  • Elkay says:

    Linda, being born-again, content in God’s Word and attending a Church with excellent teaching that practices their spiritual gifts . . . that’s a WOW!

    When we pray, most of the time we are coming to our Heavenly Father as an adopted child . . . and our approach is generally along the lines of, “All things are possible for Thee, Abba Father . . . and I would like to ask that You do thus-and-so.”

    There is nothing wrong with this . . . every OT and NT saint did exactly this and James cautions that we do not have because we do not ask (Ja 4:2b).

    The problem of course, is that some prayers appear to be granted, and some not granted . . . and no human being has ever been able to figure out why this is. On top of everything else, Jordan Spieth wins the FedEx Cup . . . but your prayer for a husband to join you in the Kingdom of God goes unanswered.

    I think it was Saint Ignatius who said, “The goal of prayer is to live all my life in the joyful awareness that God is present.” From the way you described the blessings of your Christian life, the goal of your prayers is being reached as you live joyful aware that God is present. You are indeed a blessed woman!

  • Linda Rodriquez says:

    Always put Jesus first in your life. Don’t permit any person, place or thing to fill that sacred place in you that was created just for the Father heart of God. Put no one on the throne of your heart but Him. Let Jesus be the stabilizing force of love and power in your life. Then when and if you have a relationship break-up, you won’t go all to pieces unable to recover. Let’s face it. A broken heart and lost of trust in someone you trusted really hurts, but I found that the only one you can depend on to keep His Word, and truly love you like you need to be loved is Jesus. He is the only one capable of doing that. After realizing no human can measure up to Jesus, your expectations of other people are really not so lofty anymore. Human relationships have their place in the total scheme of things, but no one is capable of loving you like Jesus can. Let Jesus flood your heart with His love first, then you will have more love to give away to others without being depleted yourself. Bless you always! Amen.

  • Linda Rodriquez says:

    I was born-again many years ago. I accepted Christ at a very large denomination where there were lots of single men. I remained a member of that Church for about 20 years, and during that time not one Christian man approached me to ask me out on a date. They were dating and marrying other women in the Church, but I was somehow left out. I was a very attractive woman. I had three children who were all well behaved and attended Church with me. My cousin, who had four children, was approached by a man in the Church, and after they dated for awhile, they married and are still married to this day. Due to loneliness, I dealt with non-Christian men for a time, but it never worked out for me. I am still single, and still attractive for my age. I am now attending a much smaller church where there are no single men at all. I stay at this Church due to the excellent teaching and practice of God’s spiritual gifts for the body of Christ. I still desire to have a wonderful, Christian husband who really loves the Lord Jesus, attends Church regularly, reads the Bible, and prays. I don’t understand why it hasn’t happened for me yet, but I’m still trusting God for my answered prayer. However, God has made me content while waiting through Church attendance, His Word, prayer, and other blessing in my life. While I wait for my Boaz, I confess I am a Blessed Woman. My seed is blessed, and the favor of God is on me daily. Amen!

  • Chris says:

    chane….sorry to hear of your situation but God promises us to work all things out for our good as we trust him for the right person and/or people we need in our lives. having Church friends as we become part of jesus body, the church, is especially important during these times. if you dont have a church like that, please let me know. i can look for one for you. for more information on allowing jesus to plan and direct your life and the people you need for it log onto or click talk to a mentor above for more personalized attention. i pray jesus would confort you during this time and show you the plan he has for your life personally. blessings!!

  • Chane says:


    I am in the midst of a break up and really trying to be okay with being alone. Any advice?

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