Are there Eye-Witness Accounts of Jesus?

Written by Mike Jantzen

Can we trust the biblical accounts of Jesus’ life and teaching to be accurate? When stories are passed on from person to person repeatedly, we tend to suspect distortions and embellishments to creep in. After all, is that fishing tale your dad tells about his great grandfather something you swallow hook, line and sinker? Some people have argued that when stories about Jesus were passed on repeatedly, they morphed into something that is now slightly inaccurate at best or outright ahistorical at worst.

But what if most of the biblical accounts were written by eyewitnesses who knew Jesus personally? Would that lend credibility to the texts? If it were a courtroom, a judge would definitely take the eyewitness testimonies seriously. Should we give that same consideration to the Gospel records? Join the conversation. Post a comment below (but please keep it respective no matter what side you take).

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