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#1 Dad/Boss/Teacher. Best Mom/Nurse/Preacher. Every year, thousands of mugs, t-shirts, and caps are printed with similar confidence-boosters to let someone know that they are valued. And, as cliché as it seems, being “the best” in something positively affects our esteem in more ways than one. From a tender age of 10, Pete Brisco (preacher for Telling the Truth, an international broadcast and internet ministry) knew precisely what he wanted to be when he grew up: he wanted to be The Best. No matter what the situation is, he wanted to excel and be the best at it. Even as an adult, he wanted the sermons he preached to be outstanding; but for what reason — and to what cost?

When Christ died on the cross, He had His eyes on us. You and me. Not because you are the best athlete, student, or actress. Not even because you’re the best Christian. His eyes were on us because He is the best. The best lover, giver, Saviour.

There is nothing wrong with striving to be better. Excelling at something is not a bad goal. However, what would it take for you to realize that maybe you have somehow missed the mark? How can Christ’s perfection put our goals into perspective?

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