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Ever felt like you merely drift from one environment to the next, putting up the appropriate mask and ticking the boxes? Who are you anyway? It is frightful to wonder – does any one really know who we are behind the externals?

A person can live their entire life allowing themselves to be defined by external circumstances or peer pressure. Who are you? Who do you desire to become?

“My self-esteem is at an all-time low.” – How can I restore my self-esteem?
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  • Barbara Alpert Barbara Alpert says:

    Dear TeearforYHVY, Thank you for sharing part of your life and testimony about your relationship with the Lord. Has your relationship with your mother improved since coming to a personal relationship with the Lord and knowing how much He loves unconditionally? It is amazing how many other relationships improve once we fully understand who we are in Christ and what He has done for each one of us that believes in Him. May our beloved Lord, Jesus Christ, continue to be with you in all that you seek to do for others. Amen

  • teearforYHVH says:

    Brenda~ I also can relate to this video~Ihad a Mother that dinnnd not want me and I tried all my life to pleasee her, But nothing worked, so I too startred Looking for friends but it seemed like no matter what I did no body liked me. I never knew why znd my self esteem would continue to go down hill.Then I started having my relationship with Jesus and could not believe that someone Loved me the way He does. Now I caaan stand up for my self with His help. I have a Love for the homelesss ans a small ministry for them, I collect clothes for them, nothing makes you feel better than sharing the AAAAAALove of Jesus! Aamen Brenda~you sound just like me aand I gave every aspect of my life to God! I am Happy, sleep much better knowing that when I wake I have the Lord to say good Morning to and let Him know how much Ilove Him for who HE IS NOT JUST WHAT hE DOES FOR HIS CHILDREN. GODS BLESS BRENDA!

  • Brenda says:

    This is a tremendous video! I can so relate to going from one scene in my life to another, not feeling comfortable in my own skin in any of them. Always, I felt like I had to wear a mask in order to fit in, to belong, to avoid that terrifying threat of rejection from those I so wanted to like me: my peers, my family, anyone really. Yet, even when they did accept and like me, I could not accept the very friendship and love I was looking for, because I did not love and accept myself. And even though I tried everything to change this, nothing worked until I discovered a personal relationship with Jesus Christ my Lord, my Saviour, my Best Friend. When He loved me with His unconditional love and acceptance – something that was so new and different to me that it took me awhile to trust it – and then I started to receive His love and acceptance of me, I was able to begin to love and accept myself. Once I started to feel okay about myself, I was able to walk with my head up for the first time, and I started to see that life is really a beautiful thing when I choose to walk it with Jesus in His Light.

    Thank you so much for this video. It is great to be found!

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